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The Average Top 1,000 YouTube Channel Makes $23,000 Per Month In Ad Revenues

There is a lot of value to making viral videos. A lot of people actually make a living making videos go viral. Many viral video companies have full production filming studios too. OpenSlate has created this infographic that assesses the top 1,000 YouTube channels. One of the most interesting facts from the infographic is that YouTube sends checks to over one million per per month for their video content. The highest performing 1,000 channels make a solid six-figures per year. And the top 1,000 channels make an average of $23,000 per month.

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14 Amazing Social Media Statistics Infographics

The subject of statistics and social media intrigue me. When you combine statistics and social media with each other, you can make a hell of an infographic. Below is a list of 14 of the best infographics detailed with social media statistics. Check them out between pages 1-14.
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Rob Osborne Designs Star Wars Guide To Yoga

Have you ever wanted to see R2D2, Darth Vader, or Boba Fett do Yoga? These diagrams designed by Rob Osborne feature feature Star Wars characters doing yoga. Incredible.

Nielsen Introduces Concept Of Generation C (18-34) Being The Most Connected

People that are of Generation C are known as being born sometime between the launch of the VCR and the commercialization of the Internet. Americans that are between the ages of 18-34 such as myself are redefining media consumption with their unique embrace of all things digital. According to Nielsen and NM Incite’s U.S. Digital Consumer Report, this group is dubbed as “Generation C” by Nielsen. They are taking new levels, new devices, and new experiences like no other age group.
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135 Creative and Unconventional Resumes That Easily Get Attention

The world population number has hit 7 billion recently, which means that competition over jobs is becoming extremely competitive. Every day there are hundreds of thousands of people applying for jobs and a majority of them use some sort of template. Sometimes you need a resume that stands out to get an awesome job. Below are 135 examples of creative resumes (please leave a comment if I missed any that you know of).
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50% Of Workers Will Be Shopping Online At Work On Cyber Monday [REPORT]

According to a survey conducted between August 16th through September 8, 2011 by, about 50% of Americans will be spending time shopping online while at work on Cyber Monday of this year (November 28, 2011). Of these workers, about 34% will spend one hour or more and 16% will spend two or more hours. Last year 52% of shoppers shopped online while at work, 27% spent 1+ hour, and 13% spent over 2+ hours. This is based on a survey of 4,384 workers and 2,696 employers. Check out the infographic below:
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Your Gmail Inbox Probably Looks Like This has put together a funny screenshot of what your Gmail inbox looks like. Unfortunately my inbox does look very similar to this picture. Spot on.


Tomorrow is Tax Day in the United States. It is the day where tax returns are due to the federal and state governments from U.S. citizens, resident aliens, etc. April 15 has been Tax Day since 1955. The tax system in the U.S. can be quite complex so Pulse2 decided to compile a list of infographics that shows some interesting facts about it. There is also one infographic in here from The Onion about celebrity tax deductions. Check out the full list below:
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