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Dell’s Board Members And Execs Made $59 Million And Sold Underwater Stock Options

Michael Dell
Dell Inc. went private last week and the company bought back shares at $13.75 each as part of the $24.9 billion deal that CEO and founder Michael Dell put together with the help of Silver Lake Management.  Dell paid cash for employee’s stock options even if those stock options were underwater.
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Dell Buys Data Protection Company Credant Technologies

Dell has acquired a data protection company called Credant Technologies.  Credant’s data protection technologies are designed to encrypt information on  smartphones, tablets, servers, and the cloud.  Dell did not disclose the financial details in the acquisition.

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Dell Exiting The Smartphone Market

Dell is getting out of the smartphone business because it requires too much of an investment before becoming successful.  Dell will continue building tablets and laptops that run on Windows 8.  While speaking at the Dell World event in Austin Texas, Dell VP of Global Operations Jeff Clarke said that the company is withdrawing from building smartphones and from using Android.

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