Jerry Neumann Posts Raises $1 Million With $250 Million Under Management

The outstanding national student loan debt is high in America at over $1 trillion.  Around $864 billion of that amount is backed by the federal government.  A majority of these loans have an interest rate that is higher than 6%.  Formerly known as Binksty, wants to help college students by help with student loans.

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Mobile Marketing Company PlaceIQ Raises $1 Million

PlaceIQ is a mobile marketing company that takes photos of places shared on mobile phones and turn it into “unstructured disparate sources of geodata into actionable business intelligence.” The Boulder, Colorado based company has raised $1 million and was co-founded by Duncan McCall and Steve Milton. Investors in this round include IA Ventures, Social Leverage, Jim Pallota, Jerry Neumann, Stuart Davidson, and kbs+p Ventures. [AllThingsD]