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GM Is Planning To Build 20% More Hybrids This Year Than 2012

General Motors is going to build around 36,000 Chevrolet Volt and plug-in hybrids this year.  This is 20% more than they sold in 2012.  GM is working on building around 1,500-3,000 plug-in vehicles per month.  The company sold around 30,000 Volt and Opel Ampera cars in 2012 according to GM spokesman Jim Cain.

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General Motors Does Not Support Sale Of Saab To Chinese Consortium

“We have reviewed Saab’s proposed changes regarding the sale of the company. Nothing in the proposal changes GM’s position. We are unable to support the transaction,” stated General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) spokesman Jim Cain. Earlier today GM said that they do not support a proposed deal of its former Swedish unit Saab to be sold to a Chinese consortium of companies. What this might mean is that the Saab brand may be faded out completely.
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