JooJoo Posts and JooJoo Creator Partner On Wide-Angle Lens Attachment For iPhone

Black Eyed Peas singer and Chandra Rathakrishnan have partnered to create a wide-angle lens attachment for the iPhone.  The accessory debuted in London today as part of the launch of’s iPhone accessories company.  Mr. Rathakrishnan is the CEO of

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JooJoo (Formerly Known As CrunchPad) Makers Fusion Garage Reportedly Owes Creditors $40M

Fusion Garage is the manufacturing company that Michael Arrington partnered with in July 2008. Arrington and Fusion Garage were working together to create a tablet called the CrunchPad. Fusion Garage cut Arrington out of the experiment and decided to launch a tablet called the JooJoo. That did not really pan out too well for Fusion Garage because the company is reportedly expected to be liquidating and owes creditors $40 million according to sources with BusinessInsider.

Joojoo Tablet Ceasing Production

Chandrashekar Rathakrishnan, the founder of Fusion Garage announced that the joojoo will no longer be manufactured. The joojoo used to be known as the CrunchPad as the idea was conceived by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. The joojoo was a Linux-based tablet that would have WiFi and would be used mainly for surfing the web. Arrington formed a partnership with Fusion Garage, but it ended in a conflict. Arrington almost sued Fusion Garage as a result. Fusion Garage plans to manufacture a different kind of tablet with Android as the OS. [BoyGeniusReport]

The JooJoo Tablet Expected To Arrive On March 29th

The JooJoo order page announced today that their tablet has started shipping in their factory. For those of you that pre-ordered the device, you can expect for it to arrive on March 29th. Below is the full press release:
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Michael Arrington Files Lawsuit Against Fusion Garage

Michael Arrington, the powerhouse blogger and founder of CrunchPad Inc. is suing Fusion Garage. Fusion Garage is basically the company that he believes screwed him over with the development of a touchscreen tablet. Both Fusion Garage was the manufacturer behind the tablet and the device was supposed to be called CrunchPad, a name that Arrington owns the trademark of. Fusion Garage decided to rename the device JooJoo and sell it for $499. Arrington planned to sell the original CrunchPad for $199.

Arrington has filed a lawsuit against Fusion Garage through a company called Interserve Inc. Interserve is doing business as TechCrunch and CrunchPad Inc. Below is the document of the filed lawsuit.

For more details, check out what Arrington has to say about the case on TechCrunch.

The Crunchpad Gets Renamed To The JooJoo and Will Sell For $499 Starting December 11

TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington wrote a blog post about a year ago that announced his company was working on a touchscreen tablet intended only for Internet browsing. Throughout the past year, he hired a manufacturing firm, partnered with retailers, and made a partnership with Intel for processors. He wanted his device to sell for $199.

The device was supposed to hit the market by Black Friday, but it kept getting stalled. About a week ago Arrington gave an update about the project by saying that it wasn’t going to happen. The Crunchpad would not be released due to the fact that he owned the trademark and Fusion Garage, the manufacturing company contractor he was working with kicked him out.

Earlier today Fusion Garage CEO Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan said that Arrington was “unable to deliver.” Rathakrishnan also criticized Arrington for putting up pictures of the Crunchpad, publicizing news about the product, and talked about how important his role was in the product about what he was going to do while Fusion Garage was doing all the work.

Fusion Garage renamed the Crunchpad to JooJoo and plans to sell it for $499. The device will only work with a WiFi connection and supports HD video. JooJoo has a 12.1″ touchscreen and boots up in 9 seconds. Arrington said that he would not comment on what is going on with the CrunchPad going forward, but assured that there will be litigation involved going forward.