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Kid Rock Adds “Rebel Soul” Album To iTunes After A Long Boycott

Yesterday I drove to Clarkston, Michigan to eat at one of rock artist Kid Rock’s favorite restaurants called the Union Woodshop.  As I stuffed myself with a burger called The Porker, I was just thinking about how Kid Rock’s newest album “Rebel Soul,” due on November 19th, was added to iTunes.

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WATCH: Sean Penn and Kid Rock Team Up On “Americans” Short Film

Sean Penn and Kid Rock have partnered to create this 11-minute short film about how politics should not divide us.  Sean Penn is a strong Democrat supporter and Kid Rock is a strong Republican supporter.  The two start off the video as insulting each other and eventually they start to embrace each other’s lifestyle.  In one scene, Kid Rock is wearing a “PETA Rocks” T-shirt while Sean Penn is wearing a NASCAR shirt.  This short film is called Americans.  It has a bit of profanity so if you have young kids, don’t play this in front of them.  “Don’t let politics divide us,” says the clip at the end.  “Thinking differently… is what made this country great.”  Check out the video below:

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Eminem’s Publishing Company Takes Universal To Court, Steve Jobs To Testify

Eminem’s publishing company F.B.T. Productions will finally be appearing in court against Universal Music Group over digital music royalties.  The trial will feature witnesses such as Universal Music Group head Jimmy Iovine and Apple CEO Steve Jobs via video.  F.B.T. Productions is seeking additional royalties from purchases made through digital music services like iTunes.  Eminem himself isn’t expected to appear in court.

Eminem sued Universal based on how much the record company was taking away in digital royalties.  If P.B.T. wins the case, it could significantly impact how much the record labels make from online music sales.  This past summer, fellow Detroit native artist Kid Rock decided to have his music removed from iTunes because the record labels were already taking away too much money even after iTunes takes their cut.

Eminem’s record company is seeking about $1.3 million to settle the lawsuit.  The main defendant in this case is Aftermath Records, the label founded by Eminem’s friend and mentor Dr. Dre. One of Eminem’s singles from his upcoming album broke a digital download record.  Eminem’s “Crack a Bottle” featured Dr. Dre and Eminem and had about 418,000 download sales in the first week.

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