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Larry Ellison’s daughter Megan backed 2013 hit movies ‘American Hustle’ and ‘Her’

Megan Ellison
During the Golden Globe awards on Sunday, two of the winners thanked Megan Ellison (pictured above). Megan is the daughter of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Amy Adams of “American Hustle” and Spike Jonze of “Her” thanked Megan for her involvement in the films. Megan Ellison is a movie producer that backed both of the movies through her company Annapurna Pictures.

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Google, Oracle, Red Hat To Help On Website
Google, Red Hat, Oracle, and several other technology companies are providing dozens of computer engineers and programmers to help the Obama administration fix the website. is a health-insurance exchange website.
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Oracle Launches 10 New Cloud Services At OpenWorld

Oracle Logo
Oracle Corporation has announced several new products and services at their OpenWorld conference.  While Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO) was watching America’s Cup, a popular sailing competition sponsored by Oracle, the company announced that they added 10 cloud services to their portfolio.  Larry Ellison skipped the quarterly earnings conference call last week to watch America’s Cup also.  The Oracle Team USA sailboat won their 7th consecutive race against New Zealand recently as well.  Earlier this month, Oracle Team USA broke some rules in the competition and received several penalties.
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Google Inc (GOOG) Chairman Responds To Larry Ellison

Eric Schmidt
Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) chairman Eric Schmidt is not happy with Oracle Corporation CEO Larry Ellison’s interview with CBS.  Schmidt said that Google typically tries to avoid getting dragged into public battles with other companies, but he has received a lot of questions about Google taking Oracle’s “stuff.”  Schmidt believes that Google did not take Oracle’s stuff and pointed out that the judgment of a U.S. District Court agrees with him.

Here is what Schmidt had to say:
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Larry Ellison Talks About Steve Jobs As A Friend, Larry Page As A Foe [Video]

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was interviewed on CBS In The Morning.  In the interview, Larry Ellison talked about how he was best friends with Steve Jobs for over 20 years and they were neighbors for a long time.  Ellison started off the interview by talking about how he has “trouble with the Google guys,” particularly Google CEO Larry Page.
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Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff Announced An Oracle and Partnership

Oracle Headquarters
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and CEO Marc Benioff is going to announce a major partnership tomorrow.  The two companies will be conducting a press conference where they will be discussing their nine-year technology partnership.  Ellison and Benioff is going to take questions from the media during the press conference at 4PM Eastern Time.

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Oracle Co-Founder/CEO Larry Ellison Buys Island Air

Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison officially announced that he has acquired Island Air today.  The acquisition secures the future of Island Air and their employees.  Island Air already added one new ATR 72 aircraft to their fleet, which gives customers the option to enjoy a larger plane with more seats and legroom.

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Larry Ellison Buys Malibu Home From Terry Semel

Larry EllisonTerry Semel

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has bought a home from former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel in Malibu.  Semel sold his home on Carbon Beach to Ellison.  Ellison owns a number of homes on the beachfront already so this adds to it.

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