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5 Mobile SEO Tips

The amount of website traffic that comes from smartphones and tablets is rapidly increasing. This is why you need to make sure that your website is mobile-optimized for SEO. This means having the right tags, accounting for fragmentation, measuring analytics, use canonical tags, and adding mobile information to sitemaps. According to recent studies, over 50% of mobile users performed searches from their smartphone or tablet rather than their laptop or desktop. Here are a few mobile SEO and design tips:
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30 Of The Best Tumblr Widgets To Check Out

Tumblr is a blogging company that receives billions of pageviews per month. The blog can be heavily customized through the use of widgets. Below is a list of 30 Tumblr widgets that can be integrated into Tumblr. Note: Some may not have been designed specifically for Tumblr only, but it can be added to other platforms.
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20 Examples Of Interactive YouTube Videos

YouTube Logo
I have been a big fan of the choose-your-own-adventure books. You start by reading a chapter and at the end of that chapter, you will be able to choose what you want the character(s) to do next. Creative YouTube directors have done something similar for their videos. On pages 1-20 of this article, you will be able to find 20 amazing interactive YouTube videos starting with 8-bit Harry Potter.
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22 Of The Best Firefox YouTube Plugins

Firefox Logo
Google Chrome is growing at a rapid pace, but Firefox is still one of the most used browsers. Since YouTube is the largest video website on the Internet, many developers have created Firefox add-ons. Check out a list of 20+ of the best Firefox YouTube plugins. Some of these plugins let you download YouTube videos, stop autoplay, and convert them to MP3.
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30+ Of The Best Lip Dub Videos

Lip Dub
A lip dub is a video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video. They are made by filming a group of people lip synching the lyrics of a song and then dubbing it over a post editing with the original audio of the song. The term was coined by Jake Lodwick, the co-founder of Vimeo. He directed a video called “Flagpole Sitta” lip dub video seen below. Check out pages 2-10 to see some of the other best lip dub videos. Check out 30+ of the best lip dub videos on pages 2-34.
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6 Funny Facebook Parenting Parodies

Tommy Jordan is best known for posting a video on YouTube about how his daughter Henna wrote a wall post complaining about having to do chores around the house. On the video, Jordan is seen taking his daughter’s laptop and unloading his .45 pistol into it. The original video has been seen over 33 million views. The video was uploaded in February 2012 and now there are a number of parody videos on YouTube out there right now. Check out the Facebook parenting parody videos on pages 1-6:

24 Creative Examples Of Geek Jewelry

Most people buy their jewelry from retailers known for selling them like Macys, Tiffanys, Zales, Jareds, etc. However geeks like to show off their book-smart cred by wearing jewelry that have some kind of tech-flavor to them. Below is a list of 24 creative geek jewelry examples.
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16 Creative Star Wars Cake Designs

Star Wars Logo
The first film in the Star Wars series was released on May 25, 1977. This means that Star Wars has just celebrated their 35th anniversary. That is a major milestone so I thought I would make a list of Star Wars cakes. I would say my favorite one in this list is the first one, 3D Yoda. Check out the cakes below and let me know what you think of them in the comments.
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