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“Pull Down To Refresh” Designer Loren Brichter Working On Facebook User Interface

Loren Brichter is a developer and designer that is now working at Facebook, according to TheNextWeb.  Brichter has not confirmed whether he is employed by Facebook directly or not, but Facebook User Interface Designer Mike Matas sent out the tweet below:

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Twitter Owns The Patent For “Pull To Refresh” In iOS

You may have noticed that the Facebook and Twitter apps have a “Pull To Refresh” feature, but Apple does not use it at all in any of their apps on the App Store. It turns out that Twitter owns the patent for that feature because Loren Brichter, the founder of Tweetie filed for it and Twitter acquired his company. The patent is called “User Interface Mechanics.” The patent also claims ownership of issuing a command on pulling down a menu.
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Twitter Announces App For Mac

Twitter has announced a new application for the Apple Mac App Store. Tweets appear in real-time (through the streaming API). The Twitter Mac App Store app automatically shortens URLs and there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts. The Twitter Mac application is three times faster than the app used to be known as Tweetie For Mac. Twetie for Mac was a desktop application created by atebits developer Loren Brichter. Loren put together the new Mac app during the first Hack Week that the company had this past October. [Twitter Blog]

Tweetie Officially Becomes Twitter For iPhone

The Twitter application for the iPhone App Store is now available for download. The best part is that it is free. It has been about a month since Twitter acquired the Tweetie iPhone application company. Some of the new features include the ability to browse Twitter without the requirement of having an account. The Suggested User List is connected to the app now too. Loren Brichter created the original Tweetie app. [iTunes Link]

Twitter Launches BlackBerry App and Acquires Atebits

Twitter has acquired Atebits, the maker of iPhone application Tweetie. Atebits also makes an app for Mac computers. The acquisition price is unknown. This strategic move complements Twitter’s announcement from Friday that they have developed a BlackBerry Twitter app. Twitter’s acquisition of Atebits makes it the third acquisition that the company has made. The first was search engine Summize and the second was location-based services company Mixer Labs.

Atebits was started by Loren Brichter, a software engineer that used to work for Apple on the iPhone. The Tweetie app sells for $2.99 and is the most popular mobile Twitter application. Twitter will take Tweetie and offer it for free. The new app will be called Twitter for iPhone. [Twitter Blog]