Warner Bros. is considering an investment in Machinima

Warner Bros. is considering an investment in Machinima. The amount Warner Bros. is considering is between $10-$15 million. Machinima is known for creating video game content for online video streaming websites like YouTube.

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Microsoft said that YouTube deal for Xbox One promotion with Machinima was a “typical marketing partnership”

Microsoft and Machinima was criticized for engaging in a controversial advertising deal. As part of the deal, Machinima offered a bonus to YouTube producers that glorified the Xbox One and featured at least 30 seconds of gameplay. It was believed that Microsoft asked Machinima producers not to mention that the video was sponsored. However, Microsoft denied that this was the case and said that they gave freedom to the producers about whether the marketing was sponsored or not.

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Machinima was allegedly paid by Microsoft to say nice things about the Xbox One

Machinima is an online entertainment network that has clips and teasers from video games. Apparently Machinima was paid by Microsoft an extra $3 per 1,000 views for videos that mentions the Xbox One (up to 1.25 million views per channel) on top of their regular payments. Ars Technica published a report saying that Machinima’s partners cannot informer viewers that they were paid to promote the Xbox One on top of agreeing that they cannot speak negatively about the Xbox One.

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Machinima Cutting Around 20 Jobs

Machinima is a content company that is considered the number one video entertainment network for gamers.  Their channel includes gameplay, videos, trailers, live streaming, etc.  The cuts are impacting around 20 of the company’s 200 employees, mostly in the programming department.  None of the senior executives were affected.  A Machinima spokeswoman said that the company will continue to make hires in key areas including sales, marketing, and product.

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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer In LEGO Form

After the Grand Theft Auto V trailer was released last month, it instantly passed millions of views.  Machinima has recreated the GTA V trailer in LEGO form.  They attempted to recreate the scenes as best as possible.  Check out the LEGO trailer and the real trailer below:
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Microsoft’s Halo Series Hits 26 Million YouTube Views

Microsoft Corporation has hit 26 million total views on YouTube since they launched their Halo: Forward Unto Dawn live action series.  The series debuted on the Machinima YouTube channel last month.  The miniseries has 5 parts and was launched this past October.  The miniseries ties in with the release of Halo 4.  343 Industries spent $10 million producing the miniseries.

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PureVideo’s New Features: Toolbar, Research Channel, and Personalized Page

PureVideo LogoOne of the leading video search websites, has announced that they now have an array of new features. Now users can create accounts and customize their own video websites, install a PureVideo-powered toolbar, browse through the new research channel, and there is also a deeper index of videos and a partnership with other video juggernaut websites.

Some of the new media partners include AtomFilms, Brightcove, Grouper, Music Nation, and The reason why these new media partners have selected PureVideo is because the website search points users to appropriate content owners, thus preventing traffic theft that some other video sites are known for.

Aside from the new partnerships and the new toolbar, PureVideo-owned was ranked as the ‘stickiest’ video website by Not bad for a company that was launched about 6 months ago (October 2006). PureVideo brings in 2.2 million monthly visits and is ranked 1,184 by comScore. is the page where you can customize your video webpage and it is powered by Ajax. Users can select various feeds available from different video sources as displayed in the screen shot below:
MyPureVideo Screen Shot 1
The PureVideo toolbar can be downloaded from
PureVideo Toolbar

The new Research channel for PureVideo can be reached at  The research channel will feature videos by The History Channel, A&E, NASA, Nova, and Harvard CS.  The research channel will also harvest videos from other academic institutions.

Video enthusiasts, definetely keep your eyes peeled for all the upcoming features of PureVideo.