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Infographics Design Company Raises $2 Million is an infographics design company that has raised $2 million in seed funding. The investors in this round includes Crosslink Capital, SoftTech, 500 Startups, Kapor Capital, Giza Ventures, Naval Ravikant, Mark Goines, Josh James, etc. had about 26,000 users sign up as part of their beta. Over 300,000 infographics have been created and they receive about one million pageviews per month. Some of the companies that works with include BuzzFeed, AskMen, CNNMoney, GOOD, NASDAQ, Skype, the Wall Street Journal, and National Geographic. plans on using the funding for building their development team and hire additional data visualization specialists.

WePay Raises $1.65 Million In First Round Of Funding From August Capital, Angel Investors

WePay, a startup where groups of people manage financial accounts has just raised $1.65 million in their first round of funding. August Capital and several angel investors were involved in the WePay funding. WePay can be used for invoice production, money collection, and transaction management.

WePay was founded by Boston College students Bill Clerico and Rich Alberman. The company has been moved to Silicon Valley ever since and has moved into Palo Alto’s University Avenue where Facebook used to be based. Interestingly WePay’s founders had a hard time finding funding out in Boston. The investors in Boston said that they were too much in the early stages. Y Combinator ended up accepting WePay.

WePay makes money by taking 3.5% from every transaction, similar to the PayPal business model. WePay is starting by partnering with small companies and professional groups. Some of the angel investors include Max Levchin (PayPal co-founder), Paul Buccheit, Ron Conway, Mark Goines, Angus Davis, Andrew McCollum, and Joe Campanelli.

Intuit Planning To Acquire For $170 Million

mint-logoPicture 1
In less than 2 years since launching, is supposedly selling themselves to Intuit Inc. is a financial tool that allows you to aggregate all of your bank and credit card information and find ways to save money. The deal is expected to close within the next few days.

Mint had launched at the TechCrunch50 conference two years ago and took the top prize giving them $50,000. Mint raised $31.8 million in total funding from First Round Capital, Felicis Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Benchmark Capital, Sherpalo Ventures, Hite Capital, DAG Ventures, and The Founders Fund. Angel investors in Mint include Ron Conway, Mark Goines, Geoff Ralston, and Dave McClure.

This acquisition is interesting because Intuit had previously sent Mint a letter demanding an explanation for how they jumped to 850,000 users within several months.