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Microsoft Acknowledges That The Surface RT Branding Was Confusing

Surface RT
Microsoft got rid of the Surface RT brand for the second generation Windows RT tablet for future devices.  The new devices are called the Microsoft Surface 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

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Report: Nokia To Launch A 10.1-Inch Windows RT Tablet

Nokia Sirius
Nokia Corporation is planning on releasing a 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet soon, according to sources with The Verge.  The Nokia-branded 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet is code-named Sirius. The tablet is expected to be thinner than the current generation of iPads and will weigh at over one pound in weight.

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Dell No Longer Sells The $299 Windows RT Tablet

Dell XPS 10
On Friday morning, the cheapest Windows RT tablet being sold costed $299.  Towards the end of the day, the cheapest tablet available through Dell was $479 and it came with a keyboard.  Dell eliminated all the options for a standalone tablet and is now selling the XPS 10 bundled with a keyboard.
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Nokia Rumored To Be Launching A Windows RT Tablet In February

Nokia Corporation is rumored to be testing out a new tablet based on Windows RT.  According to DigiTimes, Nokia will be demoing the tablet at Mobile World Congress in February.  DigiTimes reported that Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Compal Electronics are resuming the development of a Nokia Windows RT tablet.  The Nokia tablet has been rumored to be in development for a while, but it was delayed after Microsoft announced the Surface tablet.

Acer Delays Windows RT Tablets

Taiwanese company Acer has delayed launching tablets that run on Microsoft Windows RT.  This way Acer can monitor how well Microsoft’s own Surface tablets go.  Acer is the number 4 PC vendor based on shipments.  Acer’s Windows RT tablets is based on ARM Chips earlier next year.

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Lenovo: Windows RT Tablets Are Up To $300 Cheaper Than Windows 8

Lenovo Logo

Lenovo Group, the second larger PC manufacturing company, said that devices that run on Microsoft’s Windows RT software will cost $200-$300 less than devices built on Windows 8 software.  Microsoft will be releasing Windows 8 and Windows RT in October.

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RUMOR: The ARM Version Of Office 2013 Will Not Have Macros Or VBA-Support

Microsoft Surface Tablet

The ARM-version of Office 2013 Home and Student will be bundled with Windows RT devices.  Even though Microsoft has not officially confirmed it, word on the streets is that the ARM version of Office 2013 will not have macros, third-party add-ins, or VBA support.  A “small number” of additional features will not be available on the ARM-version of Office 2013 according to sources with The Verge.

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Samsung Rumored To Launch Windows RT Tablet In October

Samsung Electronics Logo

Samsung will be releasing a handheld computer that runs on the Windows RT operating system in October according to sources with Bloomberg.  The Windows RT handheld computer will run on technology made by ARM Holdings Plc (ARM).

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