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Microsoft Announces Discontinuation Of Zune To Focus On Windows Phone

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has officially announced the end of the Zune. According to a support article on the Microsoft page:
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Microsoft Launching 64GB Zune HD On April 12th For $350

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced that they are releasing a 64GB version of Zune HD on April 12th. Zune fans can buy the device through the Zune online store on the launch date. Retail partners will receive the device later on. The MSRP of the device is $349.99. As a result of the new device’s introduction, the 16GB and 32GB Zune HD will see a $20 price cut on the MSRP to $200 and $270, respectively. The full press release is below [Engadget]:
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Microsoft Cutting Off The Original Zune

Microsoft Corporation will be cutting off the original Zune when the Zune HD is released on September 15.  The Zune HD will cost $220 for the 16GB and $290 for the 32GB.  If you want one of the older Zunes, then it is highly recommended that you buy one now.

Prices Of The Zune HDs: $220 For 16GB and $290 For 32GB

In late June we found out that the Zune HD will be powered by Tegra processors.  And now we have found out what the prices will be for the devices.  According to the screenshots sent over to Gizmodo of the Best Buy inventory system, the 16GB model of the Zune HD will retail for $219.99 and the 32GB model will retail for $289.99.

The device is slated to launch on September 8.  Compared to the costs of the iPod Touch, these devices are cheap.  The cost of a 16GB iPod Touch is $274.95 on as of right now.  But the iPod Touch has access to a lot more applications on the App Store so it is more of an apple-to-oranges comparison.

I’m excited to hear about how Microsoft plans to celebrate on launch day.  The original Zune was launched on November 16, 2006.  It’ll be interesting to see if they announce anything else on the same day that the Zune HD launches.

The Zune HD has a 3.3″ OLED display with a 480×272 resolution and has the ability to output 720p high-def content using an optional docking station.

Zune HD Will Be Powered By NVIDIA Tegra Processor

zune-hd The NVIDIA Tegra processor architecture is based off of the ARM chip technology.  The Tegra was designed primarily for mobile, MIDs, and PDA devices.  Recently it was confirmed that the Microsoft Zune HD will be powered by the NVIDIA Tegra processor architecture.  The rumor was confirmed in a podcast on Zune Insider, hosted by Matt Akers. Listen to a clipping from the podcast below:


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Microsoft Zune HD Rumored To Ship September 5

The Zune HD is on its way to challenge the iPod Touch and based on the video review below by CNET, Microsoft will be giving Apple a run for its money. The Zune HD has similar features as the original Zune such as the menu itself, but two of the main differences are that it utilizes a touchscreen and it has an OLED screen. There is also built in HD radio.

The initial rumor was that the Zune HD was going to ship this fall, but there was no ballpark date for when it will hit the shelves. However, there is now a rumor circulating around the blogosphere that the ship date will be September 5. Paul Thurrott of was supposedly told this date and since then it has been spreading across the forums.

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