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Microsoft Xbox Co-Founder Nat Brown Bashes On The State Of The Console

Nat Brown is a former Xbox engineer and co-founder that has blasted Microsoft for letting gamers down with “five years of failure.” Nat Brown was one of the leading engineers and came up with the name of the console. The Xbox has sold over 76 million units and Xbox Live has around 46 million paying subscribers.
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Wenda Harris Millard Becoming Head Of MySpace Ad Sales

Wenda Harris Millard used to be the Co-CEO of Martha Stewart Living.  Before Martha Stewart, Millard worked for Yahoo! as the Chief Sales Officer.

Now Millard will be taking over advertising sales at MySpace.  While working for the head of advertising sales at MySpace, she will also remain as the president of median consulting company Media Link. MySpace sales boss Jeff Berman will be leaving the company as Millard joins.

Some of MySpace’s new hires include:
– Jason Hirschhorn as chief product officer
– Mike Jones as COO
– iLike CEO Ali Partovi, President Hadi Partovi, and CTO Nat Brown through an acquisition
– Katie Geminder as SVP of user experience and design
– Mike Macaadan as VP of Product

Below is the full press release of the announcement:

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