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Twitter Acquires TV Analytics Company Bluefin

Twitter has acquired Bluefin, a TV analytics company.  This acquisition is believed to be Twitter’s large acquisition to date.  Twitter definitely spent over $40 million on the acquisition since that is what they spent on TweetDeck two years ago.

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President Obama Appoints Vint Cerf To The National Science Board

Earlier this month President Obama had announced his intention to add Vint Cerf, the Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, to the National Science Board.  The National Science Board has 25 members and they are the governing body for the National Science Foundation.  The group also serves as an independent body of advisors to the President and Congress regarding science and engineering policies.  Cerf and his colleague Bob Kahn are considered “the father of the Internet.”  Vinton Cerf was responsible for the funding and the formation of ICANN from the beginning.

Dotgo Facilitating Text Message Services For Websites

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Dotgo is a website that allows you to receive content from text messages by sending SMS short-codes. Dotgo users send shortcodes and the name of the website that they’re interested in an SMS. Then they will receive a text message back with information. For example if you text GASBUDDY with the zip code to Dotgo’s phone number, you will get a list of nearby gas stations.

Dotgo users can also opt-in to receive text messages from regular messages such as stock quotes and game scores. The service is free for users and publishers that want an alternative for setting up their own short codes which normally runs for $2,000 per month. Dotgo plans to make money by selling analytics and debugging services.

Dotgo is a project by Scientific Media which is a New York venture firm. Scientific Media has been funded by family and friends. Scientific Media also received $700,000 in grants from the National Science Foundation. Dotgo launched at DEMO.