OMGPOP Founder Charles Forman Founder Launches Picturelife

In March 2012, OMGPOP was acquired by Zynga for around $180 million.  OMGPOP founder Charles Forman has now launched a new venture called Picturelife.  Forman has been working on Picturelife with Threadless co-founder Jacob Dehart and OHours founder Nate Westheimer. The three of them spent two years building the startup as a way to put “all your pictures in one place.”

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OMGPOP! CEO Dan Porter Leaves Zynga

Dan Porter, the founder of OMGPOP!, has stepped down from Zynga. OMGPOP! is best known for developing the popular mobile game Draw Something and Zynga acquired the company for $180 million.  OMGPOP! was Zynga’s largest acquisition so far, but the number of users since then have dropped significantly.

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Zynga Will Be Releasing Draw Something 2 Soon

OMGPOP was Zynga’s largest acquisition. Zynga acquired OMGPOP because their game Draw Something was a mobile sensation. Draw Something was beating Zynga’s game “Words With Friends” at the time of the acquisition. It turns out that Draw Something was at it’s peak at the time and has been in decline ever since. Now Zynga is re-investing in the game by releasing a sequel called Draw Something 2. American Idol host Ryan Seacrest even tweeted out a preview of the game:

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Draw Something Hits 100 Million Downloads

OMGPOP is a social gaming company that was acquired by Zynga for around $180 million in March of last year.  OMGPOP’s break-out hit game that was most appealing to Zynga is called Draw Something.  Draw Something is in game that is very similar to Pictionary and it hit around 50 million downloads in the first 7 weeks of going live.

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OMGPOP’s Chief Revenue Officer Wilson Kriegel Becomes President and COO Of Paltalk

OMGPOP chief revenue officer Wilson Kriegel has become the president and chief operating officer at New York based startup Paltalk.  OMGPOP was acquired by Zynga for $210 million in cash and retention.  Paltalk is a video chat service that raised $6 million in funding eight years ago.

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Brothers Behind “Words With Friends” Steps Down From Zynga

Paul and David Bettner, the brothers that created the game Words With Friends are departing from Zynga.  The brothers confirmed the news on GamesBeat today, but did not specify why they are leaving.  Zynga had acquired OMGPOP, the game behind Words With Friends back in 2010.

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Chief Revenue Officer Of Zynga’s OMGPOP Wilson Kriegel Steps Down

Zynga Logo

Wilson Kriegel, the former chief revenue officer of OMGPOP has departed from parent company Zynga according to VentureBeat.  Zynga acquired OMGPOP for around $180 million to draw on the success of “Draw Something.”  At the time, Draw Something had over 35 million users and now they have 90 million installs.  When working at Zynga, Kriegel was responsible for making Draw Something go global and focus on drawing ad revenues.  He was also in charge of monetization partnerships at Zynga Mobile.  OMGPop started 6 years ago and originally started as a web-based gaming company.  The company later turned to Facebook gaming and then mobile gaming.

Zynga and CBS Bringing “Draw Something” To TV

Draw Something Icon
Zynga is bringing the “Draw Something” game to television. Draw Something will be made into a new primetime game show according to Variety. The pilot was picked up by CBS after a bidding war. The show will be produced by Sony Pictures Television, Embassy Row, and Ryan Seacrest Productions. The pilot will put celebrities and users against each other in front of a studio audience. When Zynga bought Draw Something parent company OMGPOP, the game had 9 million users. Now they have slightly over 5 million and Zynga is hoping that the TV show will increase interest in the game again.