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Opera Files Lawsuit Against Former Employee Trond Hansen

Opera Software has filed a lawsuit against a former employee named Trond Werner Hansen.  Opera alleges that Hansen gave away trade secrets to their rival, Mozilla.  Opera is claiming about 20 million Norwegian krone (US$3.4 million) in damages.
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Opera and Google Are Both Switching To Blink From WebKit

Earlier this week Google announced that they will no longer be using the WebKit mobile browser engine.  They will be switching to Blink, which is Google’s own open-source rendering engine.  Google is switching over to Blink so that they can accelerate the development of the platform.  Now Opera will be using Blink going forward also.

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Opera Software Loses 10% Of Employees Due To WebKit Switch

Opera Software has lost around 90 employees.  The downsizing was announced by Opera in their Q4 2012 earnings report last week.  The company ended the last quarter of 2012 with 840 employees instead of the 931 full-time employees that the company had due to a “restructuring” effort.

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Opera Buys Skyfire Labs For $155 Million

Opera Software has bought Skyfire Labs for $155 million.  Skyfire is known for developing a mobile browser.  I used to use Skyfire when I had a Windows mobile device and Adobe Flash worked on it.  Other Skyfire products include video delivery optimization Rocket Optimizer and mobile browser extension Skyfire Horizon.  Opera acquired Skyfire because of their expertise in video optimization.

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Opera and Google Renew Partnership

Opera Software has announced that they have signed an extension to their partnership with Google.  Opera will continue to use Google as their default search engine on the desktop and on mobile products.  The agreement is effective until August 1, 2014 and it replaces an agreement that was signed in November 2009.  Opera has around a 1.72% market share in the browser market as of July 2012 whereas Google Chrome has a 33.81% share according to StatsCounter.  Opera  “remans positive about the company’s overall growth prospects” though. [TheNextWeb]

Facebook Starts Recommending Opera Over Google Chrome

Facebook is no longer suggesting Google Chrome as a recommended browser. If you are using a web browser that does not work well with Facebook, you will be directed to an “unsupported web browser” page. Facebook currently recommends Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Up until now, Facebook used to recommend Google Chrome instead of Opera. There has been a lot of speculation that Facebook is planning to acquire Opera and this may just be dropping a hint.

Opera Mini Hit 76.3 Million Users In October

Opera’s browser for mobile devices, Opera Mini, hit 76.3 million users last month. After their iPhone application was approved, they saw about one million downloads on the first day. About 41.6 billion pages were loaded in Opera Mini last month, generating in 616 million MB being consumed. Opera revealed these numbers in a report that monitored usage. [TechCrunch]

Opera Buys FastMail.FM

Opera has acquired webmail service company FastMail.FM. FastMail.FM started about 10 years ago and will continue to run and grow their email service. “Joining together Opera’s expertise in web browsers and especially the mobile market, and FastMail.FM’s expertise in email, will allow us to grow and take on the next big challenges in running and building an email service,” said the FastMail.FM in a statement. The terms of the deal were undisclosed. Opera has about 55 million users of their desktop browser and about 55 million users of the Opera Mini browser.