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Outlook.com Gets Google Talk Interoperability

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Well, we didn’t see this coming since Microsoft and Google are intense rivals.  Microsoft’s Outlook.com has added chat interoperability with Google Talk.  The Google Talk feature in Outlook.com is rolling out worldwide in the next few days.  It will allow Outlook.com users to chat with their friends on Google Talk like they can with Facebook friends.

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Outlook.com Hits 400 Million Users

Microsoft has officially shut-down Hotmail with Outlook.com.  Microsoft said that there are now over 400 million active accounts on Outlook.com.  In the last two months, Microsoft refreshed the design of Outlook.com’s calendar and Android app.  The company also added Skype calling in Outlook.com.
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Outlook.com Exits Preview Mode With 60 Million Users

Microsoft announced yesterday that Outlook.com has exited preview mode and is now available to everyone.  “Today is a major milestone in our mission to provide people everywhere with the world’s best email experience,” stated Outlook.com director of product manager on the company blog.  Outlook.com is a mail service that competes against Yahoo! Mail and Google Gmail.

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Outlook.com Hits 25 Million Active Users

Back in July, Microsoft redesigned Outlook.com.  Outlook.com hit 10 million users this past August and they past 1 million on the first day of their service.  Today Microsoft announced that their new e-mail service has over 25 million active users.

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Microsoft Redesigns Hotmail and Renames It To Outlook.com

Microsoft has revamped Hotmail.  Now Hotmail is called Outlook.com, which has a new and simple design.  Outlook.com automatically detects e-mails that are newsletters and puts them into a separate folder.  The newsletter folder sets you up with an option to easily unsubscribe.  Outlook.com has a message “sweep” option where only the latest message from a sender will appear and previously sent messages will be deleted.

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