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Facebook Inc (FB): Judge dismisses lawsuit against Paul Ceglia

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Paul Ceglia is a New York based man that claimed he had a contract that entitled him to half ownership in Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). A federal judge has dismissed Ceglia’s lawsuit though. U.S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara said on Tuesday that Facebook was granted a motion to dismiss Ceglia’s lawsuit following the recommendation of another judge in the case that said there was clear evidence that the 2003 contract submitted in the claim was a “recently created fabrication.”

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Paul Ceglia Ordered To Pay Facebook $90,000 In Attorney Fees

Paul Ceglia is the New York man that entered a freelance agreement with Mark Zuckerberg when he was a freshman at Harvard in a project called StreetFax.  Ceglia allegedly doctored some of those documents to say that he owns 84% of Facebook, but he later reduced his desired ownership to 50% of Mark Zuckerberg’s ownership in the company.

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Paul Ceglia Gets Indicted

Paul Ceglia is known for allegedly doctoring a 2003 contract with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg according to BusinessInsider.  Mr. Zuckerberg did engage with Mr. Ceglia when he was a freshman at Harvard University long before Facebook was started.  However Paul Ceglia put together some documents that indicated that he should own 50% of Mark Zuckerberg’s shares in the company.

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Paul Ceglia Loses His 8th Lawyer

We have extensively covered the Paul Ceglia case.  In 2010, Paul Ceglia filed a lawsuit against Facebook and claimed 84% of the company.  In October 2012, Paul Ceglia was arrested by the U.S. Postal Inspectors on charges of fraud.  Allegedly Mr. Ceglia forged an additional page of a contract between himself and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, which gave himself 50% ownership in  Paul Ceglia was arrested for forging evidence.

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Paul Ceglia Has Two Weeks To Pay Facebook Lawyers

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Paul Ceglia filed a lawsuit against Facebook in July 2010 claiming that he owned 84% of the social network. After almost two years of going back-and-forth in court, Ceglia has been ordered to pay Facebook’s lawyers another $16,851 bringing his total sanctions to $97,617.70. He was previously ordered to pay Facebook’s lawyers $75,766.70 and $5,000 to the court. Ceglia has two weeks to pay the sanctions or show U.S. Magistrate Judge Leslie Foschio why he cannot pay by showing bank accounts, tax returns, and other financial documents. His failure to comply may also result in the lawsuit’s dismissal, which is what Facebook is hoping for.
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Zuckerberg vs. Ceglia: Facebook Releases 200 E-Mails From Harvard’s E-Mail Servers

Mark Zuckerberg did some freelance work for Paul Ceglia when he was attending Harvard University. Several years later Ceglia claimed he owned 50% of Facebook’s shares in Facebook and claimed to have the documentation to prove it. Now it turns out that Facebook has released a “treasure trove of evidence” in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit Ceglia filed in July 2010 claiming he owned 50% of the company.
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Paul Ceglia’s Case Against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Heats Up

Facebook is asking a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit from Paul Ceglia, which claims that he is entitled to 50% of Mark Zuckerberg’s ownership in Facebook. Ceglia cites a contract that he had with Mark Zuckerberg from 2003.
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Paul Ceglia Says Zuckerberg Deleted E-Mails After The Lawsuit

Paul Ceglia is currently in the middle of a lawsuit against Facebook Inc. and Mark Zuckerberg. Ceglia claims to own half of Mark Zuckerberg’s equity in Facebook. The latest about Ceglia is that he has asked a judge to sanction Zuckerberg for allegedly destroying e-mail messages that are related to their dispute.
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