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Two Engadget Editors Ross Miller and Paul Miller Quit Within A Week

Recently leaked an AOL document that stated the company wants pageviews per story to go from 1,500 to 7,000. They also want to see stories optimized from search engines to reach 95%. Engadget editors Ross Miller and Paul Miller both did not like the rules AOL was enforcing so they stepped down. However Engadget editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky insists that the gadget blog “is not subject to the AOL Way at all. I can’t be any more direct — it’s not happening here.” [The Next Web]

Apple Either Acquired Intrinsity Or Poached Some Of Their Key Execs

Intrinsity is a semiconductor company that is known for ARM CPU designs.  Intrinsity and Samsung have a close-knit relationship and the ARM processor became extremely necessary for Apple’s mobile devices.  There are rumors floating around that Intrinsity was acquired, but that was never verified.  However the LinkedIn profiles of Intrinsity employees Jim Blomgren, Paul Miller, and Mark Nodine has been changed to Apple, Inc. as their current employer as reported by MacRumors. Shortly after the news arrived that Intrinsity employees changed their LinkedIn profile, they changed it back to the way it was.  []