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Hackers hit PlayStation Network with DDoS attack and claim to have grounded SOE president’s plane

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A group of hackers have claimed to take down the PlayStation Network with the use of a DDoS attack. The hacker  group Lizard Square claimed responsibility. No personal details were leaked in the attack. The outage lasted for around 10 hours after the attack started. The threat also included a security threat against the plane that Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley was on. The plane was diverted to Phoenix and had its cargo inspected. The FBI is now investigating the incident.


Sony Sends PSN Password Reset Notice Due To ‘Irregular Activity’

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Sony has sent out a password reset message due to suspicious activity on PlayStation Network accounts, according to a moderator post from the PlayStation Community forums. PSN users that receive a warning that their account password is incorrect will need to rest it through PlayStation change and reset password page.

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Sony Is Now Letting Users Buy Digital Goods From

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Sony is now going to allow users to buy digital goods from rather than just the PlayStation Network (PSN) Store.  This model can be considered similar to the Steam game marketplace put together by Valve.  The online retailers will be able to launch their own storefronts for PS3, PS4, and PlayStation Vita titles.  Amazon launched the PlayStation Network store earlier this week and is offering $5 PSN credit for digital orders.  Some of the PlayStation Network users are excited about this situation because they do not trust their credit cards on Sony servers compared to Amazon’s servers.  You may remember when the PlayStation Network got hacked.
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Sony Corporation Decides To Drop Their Appeal Of £250,000

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Sony Corporation
announced recently that they are dropping their appeal of a fine that they received due to an intrusion of the PlayStation Network back in April 2011.  Sony was fined £250,000 by the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office after the PSN hacking took place.  Personal information of millions of users were compromised.  Even though they are dropping their appeal, they still said that the Commission’s Office was wrong.

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Sony Launches A Web Store For The PlayStation Network In Europe

Sony has quiety created a web store for the PlayStation Network in Europe.  The store is only accessible in certain areas of Europe including the United Kingdom.  People in the United States and Canada cannot access the web store as of yet.

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Sony PlayStation Network To Be Down For 13 Hours Today

If you are a PlayStation 3 gamer, you will be disappointed to know that you will not be able to log in to the PlayStation Network for 13 hours today. Sony said that this is necessary maintenance on the network. They are going to optimize things and clean up. The network will go offline at 9AM Eastern time and it will last for about 13 hours. “During much of this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online. PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users, including [the PlayStation Blog],” stated PlayStation Digital Platforms senior manager Matthew Harper.

Sony Locks Down Their PlayStation Network Servers After Hackers Tried To Gain Access Again

Sony has shut down their servers after hackers tried to gain unauthorized access to 93,000 user accounts. The hackers tried to go after Sony Online Entertainment, The PlayStation Network, and Sony Online Entertainment. Sony chief information security officer Philip Reitinger said “a massive set of sign-in IDs and passwords against our network database, [and while] the overwhelming majority of the pairs resulted in failed matching attempts.” The hackers did have some success.
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Police In Spain Arrest 3 Over PlayStation Network Hack

The police in Spain announced today that they have arrested three suspected men for hacking the PlayStation Network. The National Police said that the three arrested people were part of the hacker group Anonymous. During the time of the hack, Anonymous denied responsibility for it.
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