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PSY Becomes The Third Artist To Hit 3 Billion YouTube Views

is a Korean pop star that saw a record number of YouTube views with the song “Gangnam Style.”  For the week ending July 14th, PSY’s channel surpassed 3 billion views.  PSY became the third artist to hit this milestone behind Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

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Psy’s “Gentleman” Video Hits Over 22 Million YouTube Views In 24 Hours

Psy is no longer a one-hit wonder.  The “Gangnam Style” singer has released a music video for his newest song “Gentleman.”  The music video for “Gentleman” has hit 22 million YouTube views in the first 24 hours.  It has been around 2 days since the video has been uploaded and it is now at over 58 million views.  Just as a comparison, Justin Bieber’s video for “Boyfriend” hit slightly over 5 million on it’s first day online in May 2012.
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Psy’s Wonderful Pistachios Commercial Hits Over 400,000 YouTube Views In A Day

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video has over 1.2 billion views on YouTube.  The Gangnam Style video has been surging in views since July 2012 and so Wonderful Pistachios hired Psy to be in their Super Bowl ad.  The Super Bowl pistachios ad starring Psy was promoted with the hashtag #crackinstyle.  The Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl ad hit over 400,000 views on YouTube along with the millions of people that viewed the ad on Super Bowl day itself.  Check out the video below: 

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Psy Earned $8 Million From YouTube Through Gangnam Style

How much does Psy make from YouTube?  The Korean pop singer hit over 1.23 billion views for the song “Gangnam Style.”  As a result, he made around $8 million in revenue according to Google chief business officer Nikesh Arora on the Q4 earnings call.  When you break down the numbers, this means that Psy made around 0.65 cents every time someone played the video.  Since YouTube videos keep around half of the money, this means that Psy and his record company took home around $4 million.

Psy To Star In A Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl Ad

On February 3rd during the Super Bowl, Korean pop artist PSY will be starring in a Wonderful Pistachios ad.  PSY is best known for the song “Gangnam Style.”  Gangnam Style has been watched over 1 billion times on YouTube.  Wonderful Pistachios is also running a campaign where you could win a Mercedes-Benz SLK for a year.  This is the first time that PSY will be appearing in a U.S. TV commercial.  [Source: Wonderful Pistachios Facebook Page]



Psy’s “Gangnam Style” Surpasses 1 Billion Views

Psy is the South Korean singer that is known for creating the “Gangnam Style” song and music video.  That music video has just hit 1 billion YouTube views.  This is the first YouTube video to hit 1 billion views.  It is believed that the video hit the 1 billion view milestone on late Friday evening or early Saturday morning.

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Wham! and Psy Get Mashed Up For “Last Christmas Gangnam Style”

DJ Paolo Monti has put together this mash-up of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and Wham!’s “Last Christmas.”  The original Gangnam Style video has just surpassed 900 million YouTube views and given how fast it is growing, it will likely surpass 1 billion views by the New Year.  Check out the mash-up video below:

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Psy Of “Gangnam Style” Will Earn Around $7.9 Million This Year

Psy, the pop artist behind the song “Gangnam Style,” will make at least $7.9 million this year.  The Gangnam Style music video is nearing close to 1 billion YouTube views.  Currently it has 887.7 million views as of the time that I have written this article.

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