Republican National Convention Posts

Around 4 Million Tweets Were Sent Out About RNC

During this year’s Republican National Convention, over four million total tweets discussing Mitt Romney announcing his run for presidency was sent out.  This is a massive increase from 2008.  That year Twitter activity for both conventions combined at 360,000.  Twitter’s head of government, news, and social innovation Adam Sharp made the milestone announcement on CNN.  Check out the video below:

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Yahoo! Fires Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian

David Chalian
Yahoo! News hired David Chalian, the former political editor at “PBS Newshour,” back in November 2011.  He became the Washington bureau chief of Yahoo! News as part of their way to renew their focus on original content and political coverage of the 2012 presidential election.  Chalian blew this opportunity because he was fired this past week over something foolish.

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