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Ridley Scott Posts

Machinima and Director Ridley Scott Is Partnering On 12 Sci-Fi Short Films

Ridley Scott, the director of Blade Runner, and Machinima are partnering on 12 science fiction short films.  Scott will not be directing the films, but his production company RSA will be working with Machinima to choose from a potential list of directors.  RSA and Machinima are hoping that the short films may lead up to a new sci-fi franchise.

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Twitter Reactions: “Top Gun” Director Tony Scott Commit Suicide After Learning About Inoperable Brain Cancer

Tony Scott was the director of “Top Gun” and “Crimson Tide.”  He committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge in Los Angeles after learning that he had inoperable brain cancer according to a source with ABC News.

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“Life in a Day” Gets Added To YouTube [VIDEO]

In July 2010, thousands of people added recorded videos of their lives as part of an experiment called “Life in a Day.” There was about 4,500 hours of total footage that was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Kevin Macdonald, an Oscar-winning director, and Ridley Scott, created a 90 minute film that showcases what life in a day on Earth looks like. This film appeared at SXSW, Sundance, and a few other film festivals. Now the video is available on YouTube for free. Check out the video below:
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YouTube, Kevin Macdonald, and Ridley Scott Partnering On A New Movie

Today YouTube has announced a new movie called “Life in a Day.” On July 24th, anyone that uploads a video within 24 hours of that day and submits footage to the “Life in a Day” channel might see it added to the movie. Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald will direct the “Life in a Day” movie. Ridley Scott, the director of films such as Black Hawk Down and Gladiator will be the executive producer of “Life in a Day.”
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