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Andy Rubin: 900,000 Android Devices Being Activated Per Day

Over the weekend, tech blogger Robert Scoble posted on Google+ that Android head Andy Rubin was preparing to leave Google and join a stealth startup called CloudCar. Andy Rubin posted on Twitter that the rumor was not true and he added a statistic about Android on top of that. “No plans to leave Google. Oh, and just for meme completeness — there are over 900,000 android devices activated each day @Scobleizer” wrote Rubin. CloudCar occupies space in Rubin’s Los Altos incubator, which is why the rumor got started.

Rana Sobhany Is The World’s First iPad DJ [VIDEO]

Rana Sobhany is the world’s first iPad DJ according to BusinessInsider. Robert Scoble made a video of her explaining how she DJs with the Apple device. The music creation project is called Destroy The Silence. She will be releasing a mixtape using these devices on Monday. You can follow Rana on Twitter at: @RanaJune. Check out the video below [BusinessInsider]:
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