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Wine app company Delectable receives $3 million in Series A

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Delectable is a company that makes an iOS app with the same name that lets you share wine recommendations. The company has raised $3 million in Series A funding from Ron Conway, Max Levchin, David Sacks, and Deep Fork Capital.
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Square has acquired BookFresh

BookFresh Logo
Square is a mobile payments company that has acquired
BookFresh. BookFresh is known for scheduling customer appointments for merchants. BookFresh is a self-serve platform for small businesses that need online scheduling services. BookFresh is considered an “OpenTable for everything but restaurants.”

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Ronny Conway receives $51 million for early stage fund

Ronny Conway
Ronny Conway, the son of Silicon Valley angel investor Ron Conway, has raised $51 million for a fund of his own, according to an SEC filing. Ronny Conway left Andreessen Horowitz last year to raise this fund.  Ronny used to be a managed at Google Ventures where he worked on the fund formation process, deal sourcing, and due diligence.
[Source: TechCrunch/SEC]
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Blog startup Medium raises $25 million in funding

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Medium is a blog platform / digital magazine that has turned one year old. The startup has raised $25 million in Series A funding, which will be used for a larger office in San Francisco, hiring additional staff, and scaling infrastructure. Medium was founded by Ev Williams, one of Twitter’s co-founders. He previously bootstrapped the company through his startup Obvious Corporation.

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Grokker raises $5.5 million in Series A funding

Grokker Logo
Grokker has raised $5.5 million in Series A funding from Khosla Ventures, Josh Koppelman (First Round Capital), and angel investor Ron Conway. Grokker is a service that offers a network of online videos from experts. Some of the content on Grokker includes cooking, yoga, and fitness. Former eBay and Yahoo! executive Lorna Borenstein founded Grokker after she had a hard time searching for good yoga videos while on vacation even if she was willing to pay for them.
[Source: AllThingsD]

Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs Announces Quip Word Processor For The iPad

Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs both worked together on Google Search and the Google’s data center technology.  Taylor was the co-creator of Google Maps and the Google Maps API.  He also founded a company called FriendFeed, which was sold to Facebook for around $50 million.  Taylor became the CTO of Facebook following the acquisition until the summer of 2012 so that he could focus on a new startup.  Gibbs is known for also known for creating Google Suggest.  Gibbs and Taylor’s new startup is called Quip.  Quip is a cloud-based word processor for the iPad, which is available for download now.
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Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, has started a new political group called The purpose of is to focus on immigration reform and Zuckerberg wrote an editorial about it on The Washington Post.  In Zuckerberg’s article, he called the U.S. immigration policy strange and said is unfit for today’s world.  Zuckerberg was joined by many notable technology company executives for this initiative.
Continue reading → Founders Buy Company Back From AOL, Raises $5.7 Million is a website that allows users to put up a digital business card with links to the social media profile.  The website features a large picture as the wallpaper to give your digital business card a bit more personality. was sold to AOL two years ago and now the founders have bought it back.

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