Samsung Galaxy S III Posts

Walmart Is Crediting People $300 For Their Old iPhone 5

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Walmart has launched a program that enables people to trade in their old iPhone 5 for a new one.  This program is starting September 21st and it also applies to Sam’s Club stores.  The credits are worth between $50 to $300 depending on the brand and condition.
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Samsung Has Sold Over 100 Million Galaxy S Phones, Including Over 40 Million Galaxy S III Units

Samsung Electronics announced this month that they have sold over 100 million Galaxy S smartphones including the Galaxy S III.  The S III alone sold over 40 million units after only 7 months of being available.  The Galaxy S II hit the 40 million mark after around 20 months.  Samsung’s S line of phones are the most successful in the series, but their Note line of devices is also doing well.  The Galaxy Note handset hit around 10 million sales in August 2012 and the Galaxy Note II hit sales of around 5 million in November 2012.  [Source: BGR]

Samsung Records An $8.3 Billion Quarterly Profit

Samsung Electronics is currently touting a lot of their innovative electronics at CES 2013, but the company said that their smartphones are driving their profits the most.  Samsung made around $8.3 billion in profit last quarter according to an earnings guidance report.

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Apple Cancels Patent Lawsuit Against The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Apple has decided to withdraw their patent claim against the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini.  Samsung argued that the Galaxy S III Mini should not be included in the list of devices that Apple has in their patent lawsuit against them due to the lack of availability in the U.S.  Apple agreed so they cancelled the claim against that specific device.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Getting A Premium Suite Update

The Samsung Galaxy S III will be given a Premium Suite update.  The software update will add several features that are found on the Galaxy Note II to the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S III will have Multi Window and Page Buddy added to it.
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Samsung Galaxy S III Becomes First LTE Phone In Russia

In Russia there has been an LTE phone network available for a while, but it has been used mostly for tablets.  The Samsung Galaxy S III will be the first LTE smartphone in Russia according to Engadget.  On December 20th, the S III will hit 17 Russian cities through MegaFon at a price of 29,990 rubles ($973) without a contract.

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Apple Adds Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, and 4 Other Products To Samsung Lawsuit

Samsung and Apple have massive patent lawsuits against each other.  Samsung added the iPad mini, the newest generation iPod Touch, and the newest generation iPad to the patent lawsuit.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Was The Best Selling Smartphone In Q3 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S III handset was the best selling smartphone in Q3 2012 according to a report by Strategy Analytics.  Strategy Analytics said that the Galaxy S III moved 18 million units in Q3 2012 while the iPhone 4S moved 16.2 million.  The Galaxy S III had a 10.7% marketshare of the global smartphone market compared to the 9.7% for the iPhone 4S.

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