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SendGrid launches app for iPhone and iPad

E-mail delivery platform SendGrid has announced that it has released an app for the iPhone and iPad. The apps enable SendGrid customers to view their metrics while on the go. Customers can access e-mail performance statistics and activity logs. More details below:

SendGrid Releases App for iPhone and iPad

BOULDER, Colo., Feb. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — SendGrid, the leading email delivery platform for email that matters, today announced that it has launched the SendGrid app for iPhone and iPad, offering customers the convenience of added visibility and access to their SendGrid metrics.

The SendGrid app for iPhone and iPad allows SendGrid customers to stay connected to their SendGrid account while on-the-go. With the SendGrid app, customers can interact with the most critical features of their account in real-time. From their mobile device, customers can access email performance statistics, email activity logs, and report information including blocks, SPAM, unsubscribes and bounces. The app also allows SendGrid users to manage suppression lists and navigate to the sub-user level in-app to further troubleshoot across their accounts.

“The opportunity for customer engagement is no longer confined to a specific platform or device, and the launch of our app enables our community to have valuable insight into their customer engagement programs,” said Sameer Dholakia, CEO of SendGrid.  “We’re excited to deliver an app that allows our customers the immediate access to mission-critical account statistics and functionality. The visibility and flexibility provided by the SendGrid app enables businesses to make better business decisions with real-time data and analytics.”

For application developers and marketers concerned about the detailed performance of their email delivery, SendGrid’s mobile app enables users to view and search real-time delivery metrics (clicks, opens, bounces, etc.), manage unsubscribe/suppression lists, search and troubleshoot by email address, drill down to view sub-user accounts, export .csv files, share reports via email and enable multi-user credentials for secure sign-in.

The SendGrid app for iPhone and iPad, is now available in the App Store. A SendGrid account is required. Sign up on the website or by contacting the team at 888-985-7363.

About SendGrid

SendGrid is the leading email delivery platform for email that matters. SendGrid’s proven, cloud-based email platform successfully delivers over 15B customer engagement emails each month for Internet and mobile-based customers like Pinterest, Airbnb, Pandora, Hubspot, Spotify, Uber, Linkedin and FourSquare as well as more traditional enterprises like Walmart, Intuit and Costco.  For more information, visit

SendGrid has sent out around 200 billion e-mails

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According to VentureBeat, SendGrid has sent over over 200 billion for all of their customers including Snapchat, Sonos, and Dwolla. That is only 100 billion less than the number of burgers that McDonalds has sold. SendGrid is now delivering a half billion new e-mails every day so it won’t be too long that SendGrid hits the 300 billion number.

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SendGrid and Playhaven Fires Employees Because Of Twitter Feud And The Word “Dongle”

“Dongle” is a funny word.  Even Samsung’s “AllShare Play” ad pokes fun at the word.  Adria Richards, an evangelist for SendGrid, was offended about two men making a joke about the word while sitting behind her at the PyCon conference.  This is why she sent out the tweet below.  Her tweet and blog post about the issue was spread on Hacker News.  One of the men in the photo was a developer at Playhaven and he was fired.

Adria Richards Tweet

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SendGrid Raises $5M From Foundry Group and Highway 12 Ventures

SendGrid of Boulder, Colorado has raised $5 million in a round of funding from Foundry Group and Highway 12 Ventures. SendGrid develops e-mail software that helps ensure delivery and monitor analytics. Angel investors involved in this deal include Postini founder Scott Petry and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. [TechRockies]