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Splice Raises $2.75 Million

GroupMe was sold to Skype for $85 million in 2011.  Shortly after that, GroupMe co-founder Steve Martocci started working on a new startup.  Now we know that Martocci is working on a new music startup called Splice with Matt Aimonetti.  Aimonetti used to be an engineer at LivingSocial and Sony PlayStation.

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Yesterday Business Insider reported that music service raised $7.5 million in funding at a $37.5 million valuation. TechCrunch then reported a direct quote from Seth Goldstein, the company’s co-founder, that they hadn’t closed any new financing. Taking Goldstein’s word for it, speculation returns to the rumors of who is competing for the company: Fred Wilson is reported the favorite because Turntable is NYC-based, but rumors say he’s being outbid by Kleiner Perkins and Accel.

Continue reading → Fosters Community with Social Music Experience, an invite-only service that lets users DJ for each other and rate the experience, is impressing users and observers alike.‘s most recent report on the site praises the communities for “crowdsourced crowd control,” with their organization and polite attitudes. The DJ rooms progress in an orderly fashion that keeps everyone pretty happy. The service is still very new and has bugs to work out, but looks like its popularity will only grow.

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