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Facebook Believed To Be Stopping Secondary-Market Trading This Week

This week Facebook is going to be stopping the trading of their shares on secondary markets as they prepare to file for an IPO in early May. Facebook representatives instructed companies that help investors buy and sell stock in closely held companies to stop trading its equities this week.
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Twitter Valuation Hits $4 Billion On SharesPost

On the secondary stock trading market website SharesPost, Twitter has hit a $4 billion valuation. This is a $300 million increase in less than a month. In December, Twitter had a valuation of $3.7 billion. This trade is based on a smaller set of Twitter stock and it is not the official internal valuation. On SharesPost, Facebook’s valuation is trading at between a $50-$75 billion valuation.

LinkedIn Hits Nearly $3 Billion Valuation In Private Trading

LinkedIn has hit a $3 billion valuation in private funding in a recent trade on SharesPost. SharesPost sells shares of private companies as a secondary market. When SharesPost sold shares in LinkedIn at $30 per share, it gave the company a valuation of $2.91 billion. About 95,000 shares were sold at that price.

Sharespost Sells 165,000 Facebook Shares For $25 Each, Valuing The Company At $56 Billion

Secondary stock market service Sharespost has sold 165,000 shares of Facebook for $25 each. When you extrapolate this price across Facebook stock, it values the company at $56 billion. Sharespost said that the auction was “significantly oversubscribed.”
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Zynga’s Valuation Hits $5.51 Billion On SharesPost

Social gaming company Zynga has hit a $5.51 billion valuation on SharesPost Inc. Given this valuation, it means that Zynga is essentially worth more than Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts is worth about $5.16 billion on the stock market.
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