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Mark Cuban Invests $2 Million In Ten Thirty One Productions On ‘Shark Tank’

Last week, Mark Cuban made his largest deal in “Shark Tank” history.  The presentation started by Melissa Carbone entering the “Shark Tank” with someone dressed up as a zombie.  Carbone asked for $2 million in exchange for a 10% equity stake.  This means that her company Ten Thirty One Productions was given a $20 million valuation.  Carbone said that their most popular attraction the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride sells out every 17 days that it runs in October.
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Mark Cuban Has ‘Shark Tank’ Remove Equity Clause

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban has done something more wonderful than Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary for “Shark Tank” contestants.  Cuban told Shar Tank’s lawyers to remove the equity clause or he was not going to come back.  The equity clause required contestants to give Shark Tank’s production company Finnmax 2% of their profits or 5% equity in the company.  The contestants had to give equity regardless of whether a deal was struck with investors or not.  All of the contestants since Season One had to abide by these rules.

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Zack Morris Of Saved By The Bell Gets Mashed Up With Shark Tank

VKMTV has put together this hilarious mash-up video of Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell combined with the hit investment show Shark Tank.  “There’s nothing more important in life than your friends.  So what better gift from a friend to a friend than beautiful hand-made friendship bracelets,” said Morris in his pitch to the Sharks.  Check out the video below:
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Shark Tank: Mark Cuban Invests $25,000 In Steve Gadlin’s “I Want To Draw A Cat For You”

Steve Gadlin is a Chicago resident that is also a comedian. He came up with a unique company called “I Want To Draw A Cat For You.” Gadlin was able to convince billionaire Mark Cuban to invest. Cuban offered $25,000 for 33% of the company.
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Mark Cuban Joining Shark Tank TV Show On ABC

Internet billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is joining the second season of ABC’s “Shark Tank.” He will be a guest venture capitalist giving his opinion about the ideas created by small-business owners. The producers of the show received over 20,000 requests from entrepreneurs who wanted to pitch their ideas to the venture capitalists. Mark Cuban sold to Yahoo! for $5.9 billion in 1999, which is where he gained a majority of his wealth.