Sony PS3 Slim Posts Claims PS3 Slim Has Supply Shortage

amazon-slim issued a warning that the Sony PS 3 Slim is having supply shortages.  This is why they are limiting the sales of the Slim to one per person.  Sony Europe says that they have “trucks and trailers” of the Slim on traveling across the continent overseas.  Better luck in September if you want to get a hold of the device.

Sony PlayStation 3 Price Drops To $300 After Release Of Slim Version

Sony Corporation has released a new version of the PlayStation 3.  The new version is much slimmer than the old which caused the price of the older PS3 to become slimmer.

The buttons on the front of the slim version are physical buttons and have a “click” in to function the device. The hard drive is swappable too.  To swap the hard drive, there is a screw at the bottom of the slim console.  The Slim PS3 weighs about 4 lbs. less than the “fat” versions and consumes 30W less electricty.

One of the cons of the Sony PS3 Slim version is that there isn’t any backward compatibility with PS2 games.

The 120GB Slim PS3 and the fat 80GB PS3 now both cost $299.99.  But now the 160GB PS3 costs $399.99.  Not bad compared to their Wii and Xbox competitors.

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