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I Just Tried To Ford the River But All I Got Was This Dating Service

The Oregon Trail application on Facebook has been acquired by SpeedDate.com according to CNET.  SpeedDate.com is planning to replace the Oregon Trail application.  So if you’re a user of the Oregon Trail and you want to ford the river, you will actually end up looking for someone to date.  What a twist!

“Next week, Oregon Trail’s name and functionality will be changed to SpeedDate. Data entered into the original app won’t be used anymore. Soon you’ll be able to try SpeedDate, the fastest way to meet new people, so stay tuned! P.S. If you want to opt out of this app, instructions can be found here,” stated a message sent to the Oregon Trail application users.  Oregon Trail has about 12,000 monthly users and 574 fans.

Drastically changing an application is fair under Facebook’s platform app guidelines, but they are required to be honest and accurate about what an app does.  SpeedDate will be providing ways to opt out of the service so they won’t be falsely making these users believe that they will actually be signing up for Oregon Trail.

There is another version of the Oregon Trail that was renamed the Northwest Trail after SGN acquired them. Northwest Trail has over 76,000 monthly active users and over 1,500 fans.  

This is one of the most unique acquisitions that I’ve ever seen.

Menlo Ventures Invests $6 Million Series B In SpeedDate.com

“We are excited by the opportunity to accelerate our growth and build on our momentum,” stated Simon Tisminezky, CEO of SpeedDate.com.
“We are focused on providing our users with the quickest way to meet other singles for live online dates. No other dating site allows you to log on and be matched on live dates immediately.”

SpeedDate.com is the first online video dating streaming service. SpeedDate’s users have been growing about 50% every month. SpeedDate had about 1 million online dates take place within the last several months. SpeedDate.com launched about 10 months ago.

Using SpeedDate, singles interview each other for about 3-5 minutes and determine whether to take their desires to the next level. Remember those cheesy love connection TV shows? This is nothing like that because candidates aren’t interviewed by a host. The interaction is 1-on-1, the way it should be.

SpeedDate has announced today that they have raised $6 million in Series B funding from Menlo Ventures. Menlo Ventures is a Menlo Park, Calif.-based VC company that has invested in companies like IMVU.com, Infoseek, Jobfox, Like.com, MobiTV, Eve.com, CinemaNow, Cellfire, and BigTent.com. This is the second time that Menlo has invested in SpeedDate

“SpeedDate.com has developed a revolutionary product and rapidly achieved a critical mass of users,” stated Mark Siegel, MD at Menlo Ventures. “We have been impressed with SpeedDate.com’s phenomenal growth rate and we are confident that it is well positioned to capture significant market share and expand the online dating category.”

SpeedDate also has an application that is compatible with Facebook, Bebo, meebo, and MySpace.

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