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“Spider-Man” Movie May Get Some Spin-Offs

Spider Man
Venom and Green Goblin may be getting their own movie spin-offs from the Spider-Man franchise.  Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal said that the studio is planning to release spin-off movies for supporting characters.

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Grayson Boucher Does Some Solid Basketball Tricks In A Spider-Man Costume [Video]

Grayson Boucher is a popular street ball basketball player that is known as “The Professor.” In this viral video, he dressed up in a Spider-Man costume. How funny does it look to see Spidey do some basketball tricks and perform some killer layups? This video has hit around 100,000 views in one day.
Check out the video above and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

WATCH: Spider-Dad and Son Go To the Trampoline Park

YouTube user teachusmore has uploaded this viral video a couple of days ago and it has hit over 100,000 views.  In this video, the dad recalls how Adam Sandler dressed up like Scuba Steve to motivate his kid.  In this video the dad dressed himself and his son up in Spider-Man costumes and then went to bounce on a trampoline park. Check out the video below:
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WATCH: Spiderman and Batman Quarrel In Toronto

The Sean Ward Show has put together this funny video of Spider-Man and Batman taunting each other and fighting in the streets of Toronto. The Amazing Spiderman recently debuted and Batman’s new movie will be coming out soon. “Only in? Canada,” commented YouTube user myusername00700. Check out the video below:
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First Spider-Man Comic Sells On ComicConnect.com For $1.1 Million

The first Spider-Man comic has been sold on ComicConnect.com, an auction website. The comic that Spider-Man first appeared in was called Amazing Fantasy #15, a comic book designed by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The sale on ComicConnect.com was the second highest after the $1.5 million sale of Action Comics #1, which Superman first appeared in.
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Fireman Sonchai Yoosabai Dresses Up As Spider Man To Rescue Autistic Boy

About one out of thousand people in the world have an autism spectrum disorder.  Since the 1980’s, the number of children with autism has increased dramatically due to diagnostic practices.  Recently Comedy Central held a special called Night of Too Many Stars, a benefit for celebrities to raise funding for autism education and research.

Recently a fireman in Bangkok came up with a clever idea to save an autistic boy.  The boy was scared of his first day of school so he climbed on a third story ledge and refused to come in.  The mother mentioned that the boy loved superheroes and fireman Sonchai Yoosabai learned this.  Yoosabai rushed to the fire station to dress up as Spider-Man and returned back to the boy.

“I told him Spider-Man is here to rescue you, no monsters are going to attack you and I told him to walk slowly towards me as running could be dangerous,” stated Yoosabai.  The young boy allowed himself to be rescued as soon as he saw Spider-Man.  Through this quick thinking and creativity, Yoosabai proved that superheroes do exist.