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SugarSync updates Android app with offline features

SugarSync is a popular cloud storage service that has been updated with several features. The app now lets you save files to your device or SD card, which makes it easier to read and write over files when you are offline. Folders and files can be renamed and exported to other apps.  The SugarSync Android tablet app has been optimized for larger screens.
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SugarSync to become a paid-only model

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SugarSync has announced that they are turning into a paid-only model. SugarSync lets you back up, access, sync, and share files and folders across computers and mobile devices. The company will become paid only on February 8, 2014. SugarSync supports a 90-day 5GB trial or a 30-day trial that is upwards of 60GB.
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Cloud Storage Company SugarSync Raises $3 Million

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is a cloud storage startup company that has raised $3 million in funding, according to an SEC filing.  The funding was in the form of a debt raise and they plan to use the funding to hire more product development employees.

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Mike Grossman Named As New CEO Of SugarSync

SugarSync is a cloud storage startup that has hired former Intuit vice president of marketing and business development (Financial Services division) Mike Grossman as the CEO of the company.  SugarSync competes against large storage companies such as Dropbox and Google Drive.  Former SugarSync CEO Laura Yecies said that she would be resigning back in February.  However she said she would help the company’s board of directors find a new CEO.
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SugarSync Updates To Version 2.0 With Drag+Drop Sharing and Cross-Device Search

SugarSync is a cloud sharing application that has launched version 2.0 beta.  The new version is available in the form of desktop software, the web, and Android application.  Mac and Windows users can have direct file system access to all of their cloud files so you can transfer documents and other data without having to launch the app of web interface.

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