Super Mario Brothers Posts

Video: This is what happens when Super Mario turns into Seinfeld

What would happen if Seinfeld and Mario merged? Mario would be Seinfeld, Luigi would be Kramer, and Toad would be George. The animated parody was put together by Esquirebob Animations.

WATCH: New Super Mario Bros With Penelope and Monica Cruz

In a new Super Mario commercial by Nintendo UK, Penelope and Monica Cruz are starring. The commercial shows how the two sisters can play in the same game without a wire. Watch what happens when one of them loses below:
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WATCH: Super Modern Mario Bros

The first level of Super Mario Brothers for the original Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most well known. BlueMasters Studios created this parody of the Super Mario Brothers first level. Warning: The parody is a little bit dark in humor.

Nintendo Rejects Mario Theme Use For Justin Bieber Movie

Nintendo has rejected use of the Super Mario Brothers theme song for the movie Never Say Never. Never Say Never is a concert documentary of pop artist Justin Bieber. Bieber was a YouTube celebrity before Usher had signed him to his label.
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Microsoft Kinect Hacked To Work With Super Mario [VIDEO]

Yankeyan has been able to hack the Microsoft Kinect to make it work with a lightsaber. And now he has at it again by making it work with Super Mario Brothers. When he jumps, Mario jumps. When he runs, Mario runs. When he ducks down, Mario can do down a pipe or duck. Check out the video below:
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Farbs Quits His Job Using A Super Mario Message

Farbs is a game developer that used to work for 2K Australia.  He decided to quit in order to work on my indie video games.  But before he did that he decided to resign the position by submitting a video game called A Message For 2K Australia.  The game is based on Flash and you can give it a shot at his website.

[via Kotaku]

Video From 1988 Shows Bill O’Reilly Talking About Super Mario On NES

In 1988 when Bill O’Reilly was about 39 years old, Inside Edition did a special on the Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Enjoy the video, you’ll get a kick out of the hair styles and the call center where they give level tips. Bill O’Reilly still looks like the same disgruntled guy he looks like today. WE’LL DO IT LIVE!

The video also features Howard Phillips who was “Fun Club President” at the time. I wrote about Phillips last month when he joined Chair Entertainment. Phillips is wearing his signature bow tie in the video which was the inspiration behind the Howard & Nester comic.

[via Mental Floss]

Mario Toots The Whistle & Ends Up In Chi-Town

Matthew Dominick came up with this clever mash-up of Super Mario Brothers 3 and the real world. He used the whistle superpower to transport Mario into the city of Chicago in the video. Once arriving in Chicago, Mario runs from cars, finds a raccoon suit, and shoots fire at a guy throwing fire balls at him out of a recycle bin. This is very well done, I recommend taking 3 minutes and 11 seconds to watch it. Watch what happens to Mario at the burger place towards the end of the video.

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