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The Chernin Group Posts

Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) rumored to be acquiring Fullscreen for $250 million

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) may be spending around $250 million to acquire Fullscreen, a company that creates content on YouTube. 

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AT&T Inc. (T) and Chernin Group form $500M streaming video joint venture

AT&T Logo
AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and Chernin Group have formed a $500 million joint venture to build a streaming video service. AT&T and Chernin will be pooling resources to acquire and launch over-the-top video services, including video-on-demand businesses that would compete against services like Netflix and Hulu.

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SoundCloud raises funding at $700 million valuation

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SoundCloud is a startup where users upload and share music. The company has raised a new round of funding with a $700 million valuation. The company raised over $60 million in funding from Institutional Venture Partners and the Chernin Group, according to sources with The Wall Street Journal.

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Report: Yahoo! Bids Between $600 and $800 Million For Hulu

Hulu Logo
is also in the race to acquire Hulu and sources with AllThingsD are reporting that they are putting in a bid at between $600 and $800 million for the video websites.  The large price range is due to different circumstances including the length of licensing rights for content and how much control that the programming companies selling Hulu have over their content.

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REPORT: Peter Chernin Bids $500 Million For Hulu

Peter Chernin, the former president of News Corp, has bid around $500 million for online video streaming service Hulu.com according to sources with Reuters. Peter Chernin even helped launch Hulu while he was at News Corp in 2007.

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The Chernin Group Invests In Base 79, A Popular YouTube Network Of Channels

The Chernin Group is an investment company founded by former News Corporation President and COO Peter Chernin.  The Chernin Group has recently bought a stake in Base 79, a popular YouTube network of channels that is considered the biggest in the EMEA region.  The Chernin Group’s investment is believed to be $10 million in return for a 28% stake of the company.

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