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Relativity attempted to outbid Disney for Maker Studios

Maker Studios said on Monday that a majority of shareholders approved of its purchase by Walt Disney Company. This means that the company is not for sale to Relativity Media, which made a surprising $1.1 billion bid.
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Disney has acquired Maker Studios for up to $950M

Maker Studios Logo
Disney has been rumored to be interested in acquiring Maker Studios for a while now. The deal was been confirmed on Monday. Maker Studios is a YouTube network that hits around 5.5 billion views per month. The price of the acquisition is $500 million. Depending on the performance after the acquisition, the deal could be worth $950 million total. Maker Studios raised a total of around $70 million in funding prior to the sale.

Disney Interactive is laying off 700 people

Disney Interactive Logo
Disney Interactive has announced that 700 jobs will be eliminated, which is around 26% of their staff. These cuts were expected and will mostly affect the Disney Playdom group. Playdom creates games for social media platforms and mobile devices. Disney Interactive is going to develop fewer mobile and social games in-house, but will continue to license games from development partners.
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Disney is bringing over 400 films to iOS devices

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 10.48.48 PM
The Walt Disney Company is going to be bringing over 400 digital titles to Disney Movies Anywhere, a cloud based digital movie service that lets customers stream Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies across any device. The service is powered through iTunes and it also includes Disney’s latest hit “Frozen.”
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The Walt Disney Company is launching a startup accelerator

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.54.08 PM
The Walt Disney Company has announced that they are selecting ten startup companies for a three-month mentorship and seed-stage investment program. This program is called Disney Accelerator and it will be based in Los Angeles. Startup accelerator TechStars is going to oversee the program. Applications are being accepted from early-stage companies that have consumer media and entertainment product ideas.
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Jack Dorsey joins board of directors at Disney

Jack Dorsey
Twitter chairman and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has joined the board of directors at The Walt Disney Company. Disney CEO Robert Iger said that Dorsey was appointed so that the company behind Mickey Mouse could leverage social media knowledge.
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Paul Rudd to play Ant-Man in Marvel film slated for 2015

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd has been hired to play Ant-Man in the upcoming super hero film that is slated to be released in July 2015. The film is being put together by Edgar Wright. Ant-Man is a character played by a scientist that can shrink himself to the size of an insect. Marvel Studios officially announced Rudd’s casting on Thursday. Rudd is known for his role in films like Anchorman; Anchorman 2; Role Models; Admission; This Is 40; Wanderlust; Our Idiot Brother; Dinner for Schmucks; I Love You, Man; and Clueless. Rudd is going to play the lead role of Henry “Hank” Pym (also known as Ant-Man).
[Image Credit: IMDB]

Pixar Is Laying Off 5%

Pixar Logo
Pixar is laying off up to 5% of 1,200 employees after pushing back the release of “The Good Dinosaur” to November 2015.  The film was supposed to arrive next May.  Disney released a statement saying that Pixar is constantly re-evaluates their creative and business needs.
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