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Reddit Hit 200,000 Concurrent Users During President Obama’s AMA

Social bookmarking website hit a solid milestone during President Obama’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the website.  Reddit hit over 200,000 concurrent users during the AMA, which makes it Reddit’s largest day ever.  “Reddit” and “Barack Obama” had quickly became a Twitter trending topic.

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White House Open Sources “We The People” Online Petition

The White House has made the “We The People” online petition system open source.  The source code can be found on GitHub and people can use it for their own purposes or developers can help improve and expand its functionality.

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Former White House Cybersecurity Director Sameer Bhalotra Joins Impermium

Impermium Logo
Sameer Bhalotra left The White House this past January.  Bhalotra has joined a cybersecurity startup company Impermium as the chief operating officer.  Impermium is based in Redwood City, California.  Impermium will help big data companies with their security.

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WATCH: How President Obama Uses Twitter

Every so often, President Obama has the opportunity to sit down and answer several questions on Twitter that user ask.  President Obama was the first social media savvy president in U.S. history and here you can see him looking over some tweets and answering them.  He adds his signature “b.o.” at the end of the tweets that he writes personally.  “I’m the master tweeter” said President Obama in the video below:

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Barack Obama Signs JOBS Act Into Law

President Barack Obama has signed the JOBS Act into law, making crowdfunding legal for startups by non-accredited investors. Entrepreneurs can now raise money from anybody too. However startups will be limited to $1 million per year and will have to use portals that are approved by the SEC. The legislation has also cancelled the 500-shareholder rule.
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WATCH: Google Street View Goes Into The White House

The White House and Google have announced a partnership that will allow people to see a 360-degree tour of The White House. Street View will allow people to see all of the rooms in The White House digitized in ultra high-definition.
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President Obama Names Todd Park As U.S. CTO

President Barack Obama has appointed Todd Park as the new U.S. Chief Technology Officer. For about three years, Todd has served as CTO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Park oversaw the creation of, the first website to provide consumers with inventory of public and private health insurance plans available across the country by zip code in an easy-to-use tool.
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White House Administration Assures SOPA Legislation That Reduces Freedom of Expression Will Not Be Supported

Earlier today the White House administration released an official statement about their position on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). As of right now, the hearing about SOPA in the House of Representatives has been delayed until there is a consensus on the bill. Thousands of people signed a petition against the bill, which is why the White House responded. President Obama did not indicate that he would veto the bill, but the White House administration assured that they will “not support legislation that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk, or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.” [White House]