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Tobii Demonstrates How To Play Starcraft II With Your Eyes

Tobii is a Swedish company that has developed products that can detect where users are looking on the screen. In one of the company’s latest demos, they have applied this technology to the context of playing Starcraft II. The video below will show how Tobii controls Starcraft II while using gaze navigation and gaze scroll. You will be able to automatically scroll with your eye movements rather than clicking on the arrow keys. The demo was showcased by Fredrik Lindh at the 2013 Game Developer’s Conference. Check out the video demo below:

Tobii To Integrate Gaze Eye-Tracking Technology To Windows 8 PCs

Tobii will be integrating their eye-tracking technology into Windows 8 machines.  The last time we wrote about Tobii’s eye-tracking technology was when Apple partnered with them in 2009.   The Gaze user interface lets you navigate, zoom, select, and scroll on a Windows 8 laptop using pupils and a touchpad.  This year Tobii is introducing new technology called REX, which is a USB-connected peripheral that can add the aforementioned features into a Windows 8 PC.

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Apple Spending Cash On Eye Tracking Technology From Tobii

Apple Inc. is sitting on billions of cash so many analysts are speculating that Apple will be on the acquisition market.  It turns out that Apple has been spending some of their cash on buying eye-tracking technology recently.  Apparently Apple has been buying eye-tracking technology components from Tobii Technology.  Tobii is a small start-up based in Stockholm that recently closed about $21.5 million in Series B funding.

Tobii’s Technology’s eye tracking technology can be added to devices and can be used to determine “the efficacy of advertisements, applications and websites [PEHub].”  Tobii’s products cost roughly between $7,000-$35,000, depending on how advanced the client wants it to work.

According to Amadeus Capital investor Jeppe Zink, Tobii has sold technology to Internet portal companies too.  As users read a screen, there is automatic text scrolling.  Tobii’s technology is not expected to appear in mobile devices yet, but there is a chance that it could be added to high-end desktops and laptops in the near future.