Tony Conrad Posts raises $11 million in funding

AboutMe Logo is a website where users create profile pages with a large background and links to various profiles. It is essentially a useful way to build SEO for your own name and track the analytics for the people that find your homepage.

Continue reading → Acquires Social Media Directory Wefollow is a website where users can create a landing page profile with a large background image and links to their social media profiles.  The founders of, including Tony Conrad, bought the company back from AOL for around $5.7 million three years after the acquisition took place.  Today announced that they have acquired Wefollow.

Continue reading → Founders Buy Company Back From AOL, Raises $5.7 Million is a website that allows users to put up a digital business card with links to the social media profile.  The website features a large picture as the wallpaper to give your digital business card a bit more personality. was sold to AOL two years ago and now the founders have bought it back.

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AOL Sells Surphace To Outbrain

AOL, Inc. (NYSE:AOL) has sold off a subsidiary called Surphace, a content recommendation company to Outbrain. “In keeping with the AOL strategy, any place where we are not a leader in the category or profitable, we are going to look at partnerships or other alternatives. This is one of those businesses. We are pleased we found a great home for the Surphace technology and its employees,” stated AOL head of venture and local Jon Brod. AOL had acquired Surphace in 2008 for over $25 million when they used to be called Sphere. Sphere co-founder Tony Conrad left AOL in 2009, but came back when was acquired. The financial details were undisclosed.

AOL Acquires In An Amazingly Fast Acquisition Screenshot
Well, this is a first. In the same day I wrote about a start-up exiting beta mode, the same company announced that they have been acquired. AOL has acquired custom profile and personal analytics dashboard service
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