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Trololo Viral Video Star Eduard Khil Passes Away

Eduard Khil is the Russian entertainer that is best known for the “Trololo” song. Unfortunately, Khil passed away this past weekend in St. Peterburg at the age of 77. Khil’s song was known as “I Am So Happy To Finally Be Back Home” was originally recorded over 40 years ago. Khil was born on September 4, 1934 and he suffered from a stroke earlier this year. Here is a link to a tribute that Moscow’s put together.

WATCH: Trololo Guy Has Still Got It

My favorite Russian singer Eduard Khil has still got it! Khil made the original Trololo video in 1976. Today Khil is 77 years old and he made the above video where he is singing the same song. You know a viral video has made it big when Family Guy decides to do a parody on you too. [Mashable]

A Christmas Trololo [VIDEO]

Edward Hill
Edward Hill’s fan base continues to expand as evidenced by these kids singing the “Trololo” song at a Christmas play. Good show by The Gifford Children’s Choir. Check out the video below:
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Trololo Guy Is Back With Darth Vader Back-Up Dancer [VIDEO]

Trololo guy Edward Hill has decided to do a performance of the song that made him so popular on YouTube. This time he brought in some reinforcements in the form of back-up dancers… including Darth Vader. The original Trololo video has been seen millions of times. Check out the video below:
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Trololo Added To Rock Band 2 In Custom Song [VIDEO]

YouTube user Azuritereaction created a custom song for Rock Band 2. It it just so happens to be the Trololo song. Then he posted himself singing it on YouTube. Below is the video. The video surpassed 60,000 views in about a day or so.
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Hitler Receives Internet Meme Phone Call, Gets RickRoll’d-Trololo’d-Etc. [VIDEO]

There are plenty of Internet parodies of Hitler. Hitler was mad when he found out the iPhone 4G was mad and he was mad when he was banned from Xbox Live. The Hitler parody is officially a meme. But what happens when meme videos collide? You end up with one epic video. Check out Hitler receives an Internet meme phone call below:
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Trololo Now Has A Robot [VIDEO]

We have seen the viral cat video and the Apple App inspired by Edward Hill’s singing. Now there is a robot that sings exactly like him too. Check out the video below:

Trololo Guy Hits The Apple App Store

Edward Hill, also known as the Trololo guy became a viral hit after old footage of him singing hit YouTube.  Andreas Moller designed a free iPhone app [iTunes link] that has a Hill avatar singing and dancing the Trololo song.  You can unlock different modes in the app such as Applause, Funny Hat , Tone Invasion, etc.  Check out the video below of the original Trololo song [Gizmodo].