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Steam Controller no longer has a touchscreen and has physical buttons

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.23.08 PM
Valve has unveiled the Steam Controller. The Steam Controller will not have a touchscreen anymore. Valve is going to add physical buttons to the controller before selling it on the Steam website and retail stores later this year. The controller is expected to have a d-pad and the standard A/B/X/Y configuration. Valve created an API to help developers integrate the Steam Controller into their games, which could support up to 16 players at once.
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Valve announces 13 partners that are building Steam Machines

Steam Logo
At CES, Valve announced the first 13 partners that are building the Steam Machines consoles. Valve’s partners include:
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Steam got hit with a DDoS attack

Steam DDoS
It is only the third day of the year and there has already been several high profile hacks, including Skype and Snapchat. Within the last 24 hours, Valve’s Steam gaming platform was hit with a DDoS attack. Above is what showed up when Steam users attempted to connect to the service. Twitter users @chFtheCat claims that he and @LARCENY_ were responsible for the DDoS attack as posted in this tweet.
[Source: UberGizmo]

Valve Launches Pipeline, A Resource For Teenagers That Want A Career In Gaming

Valve Pipeline
There are many high schoolers that spend time playing games like Portal, Half-Life, and Team Fortress.  Many of these teenagers wonder how to get a job at companies like Valve.  Game companies generally look for students that are creative and talented.  Pipeline will be used by Valve to introduce high school students to the video game industry and offer advice about how to get a job at Valve.
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Valve’s Piston Steam Box Will Bring PC Gaming To The Living Room

Valve is working on new hardware called the Piston Steam Box.  The Piston Steam Box will make it possible to play PC games in your living room.  Known for the Steam gaming platform, Valve has around 50 million users.  Valve has been rumored to be building a console of their own for a long time now.  Pulse2 wrote about the Steam Box rumor back in March 2012.  A few months ago, Valve launched software called Big Picture which made it possible for Windows based machines to use Xbox 360 controllers to navigate, shop, and play games.  Nvidia’s Project Shield can also use Big Picture mode when using an Nvidia-based system to play PC games in the living room through wireless video.

Piston Steam Box

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EA Wanted To Acquire Valve

Electronic Arts had an interest in buying out Valve according to The New York Times.  EA was in very early stages of talks with Valve to buy them out.  If the talks had not fallen through, EA would have valued Valve at around $1 billion.  Valve co-founder Gabe Newell said that the company’s financials are confidential so it is not known how much the company is worth.

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Valve’s Steam To Start Testing “Big Picture” Mode Tomorrow

According to the New York Times, Valve Software’s Steam will start testing a TV-friendly redesign of their online store and gaming platform.  “On Monday, the company will begin a public test of a new television-friendly interface, Big Picture, for buying Steam games and playing them on computers in the living room,” said The New York Times.  The Big Picture mode on TVs is expected to be easy to use, easy to read, and have full controller support.  Users will also be able to switch between their controllers and a keyboard/mouse.

New Steam Android App Indicates Valve Moving Beyond Game-Related Content

A leaked snapshot of the Steam app for Android shows numerous categories that do not have much to do with gaming.  The genres in the Android app index lists categories like accounting, education, photo editing, etc.  This simply indicates that Steam is planning to move beyond selling just game-related content.  Steam has already started selling e-books and movies so this is just a natural step forward.