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Viddy is shutting down on December 15th

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Viddy used to be considered the “Instagram for video.” Now Viddy is going to shut down on December 15th. The shutdown was announced by Viddy’s parent company Fullscreen. Fullscreen acquired Viddy for around $20 million.

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Web video company Fullscreen acquires Viddy

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Viddy was a video sharing app that was considered the “Instagram for Video” at one point. Viddy was able to grow through videos being posted on Facebook. Facebook changed around their rules for apps and then Viddy dropped in popularity.

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Viddy Rebrands As Supernova

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Viddy is a social video sharing app company that has been rebranded as Supernova.  Viddy has created a new set of mobile apps called Clique and EPIC.  Clique is a mobile app that lets users share content anonymously with friends.  EPIC is a slow motion video sharing app.
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Viddy To Return $18 Million Back To VCs

Viddy is startup that is known as being an “Instagram for Video.”  Viddy directly competed against a company called SocialCam, which was acquired by Autodesk for $60 million in July 2012.  Viddy, on the other hand, seems to have already peaked.

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Mark Zuckerberg Joins Viddy

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has downloaded the Viddy app and is testing it out under the user name Zuck. His first uploaded video is of his dog Beast scratching at the floor of Zuckerberg’s house. The video has over 1,200 likes from other Viddy users. Viddy has often been coined as an “Instagram for video.” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg conducted the $1 billion acquisition of Instagram entirely on his own without lawyers or bankers present. Viddy has recently surpassed 15 million users and Zuckerberg’s use of the app further validates how popular the service is becoming. Last week Viddy raised a new round of funding from Biz Stone, Josh James, Jeff Kearl, Roc Nation (Jay-Z), Overbrook Entertainment (Will Smith), Brian Lee (ShoeDazzle founder), Gerard Pique, and Shakira.

“Instagram For Video” Viddy Raising $30 Million

Earlier this month, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion after negotiating them down from $2 billion. Rumor has it that Viddy, an app that is like an “Instagram for video” is raising $30 million at a $370 million valuation based on a Series B. Viddy currently has about 10 million users.

Viddy Gets Taken Down From App Store Because Of Adult Content

Mobile video sharing application Viddy has been removed from the Apple App Store shortly after rising to the top rankings for free video and camera apps. Viddy was removed due to concerns over adult material being posted on the app. In the past, Viddy has been plugged as the “Instagram for video.”
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Mobile Video Sharing Company Viddy Raises $1.6 Million

Viddy is a mobile video sharing start-up company that has raised $1.6 million in a first round of funding. Viddy had launched a mobile video creation and sharing application for the iPhone. This round of funding was provided by Battery Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, Qualcomm, Jarl Mohn, and early YouTube employees. Viddy said that they are creating a “Twitter-style feed of videos from friends, family, celebrities.” Viddy was founded by JJ Aguhob and Brett O’Brien. [soCalTech]