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Virgin Media launches broadband twice the speed to 152Mbps

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Virgin Media has announced that they have unleashed broadband speeds 19 times faster than regular broadband. The new 152Mb top speed is the fastest widely available connection in the UK. Virgin Media also has new parental controls technology and advice. 

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Liberty Global Acquiring Cable Provider Virgin Media For $23.3 Billion

Liberty Global, a U.S. based cable company, is buying Virgin Media in a stock and cash deal worth $23.3 billion.  The price per share that Liberty is paying reflects a 24% premium of Virgin Media’s closing share price on February 4th.

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Broadband Poll Shows That Virgin Media Is A Consumers’ Favorite

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Virgin Media is the United Kingdom’s favorite home broadband supplier, according to an extensive poll, and almost a third of people would chose it over any of the other big six broadband suppliers.

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Anonymous Takes Down Virgin Media Website To Protest The Pirate Bay

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Hacker group Anonymous has taken down Virgin Media’s main website on Tuesday to protest the company’s recent cut-off from The Pirate Bay. Anonymous took down Virgin Media’s website with a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, which takes down a computer or network by saturating requests to a target machine with external communication requests to the point where the servers cannot respond to legitimate traffic. This is what Virgin Media had to say:
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Virgin Media Bringing Free WiFi to London

Virgin Media‘s CEO Neil Berkett announced in an address to investors that the company plans on providing free WiFi in London. As Engadget comments, “with only four percent market share, Virgin could certainly handle the extra traffic.” Other entities have made similar promises of municipal WiFi for London in the past, but the plans have yet to succeed.

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Virgin Media Joins The Bebo Open Mobile Initiative

AOL sent out a press release today stating that Virgin Media has joined the Open Mobile initiative set up by Bebo, the social network that was acquired for $850 million in March 2008.  The Open Mobile initiative is a way for mobile operators, developers, and manufacturing companies to build mobile versions of the Bebo social networks with their brand on it.

As part of the agreement, Virgin will be creating the Bebo Open Mobile Internet website with Virgin’s brand on it and they will also be putting bookmarks for Bebo on the pre-releases of their devices.  Virgin customers will be able to easily access Bebo’s mobile services right out of the box.

“Virgin Media’s decision to embed Bebo in their customer experience plays to both of our strengths and joins two great brands. In partnership with Virgin Media, we will be able to deliver great mobile content to more users in the UK,” stated Sean Kane, VP of Mobile at AOL People Networks.

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