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Yahoo! Sports gets an updated iPhone app and a GIF creation tool called Loops

Yahoo! Sports app

The Yahoo! Sports iOS app has been updated to support the iOS 7 mobile operating system. Yahoo! Sports has gained a new feature called “Loops.” Loops lets you go through a game, pick a short portion of it, and create an animated looping GIF with effects and captions. Loop utilizes technology built into Yahoo! IntoNow. The feature currently supports the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, and NCAAB. After you drop in your favorite sports, you can go through a game, or pick a play. After that you can drop the play into a scannable timeline to pick the moment. You can apply filters like freeze frame and slow motion and then add a caption.
[Source: TechCrunch]

Yahoo! Apologizes For Fantasy Football Downtime

Yesterday Yahoo! had a major issue with Yahoo! Fantasy Football.  The service did not work in the hour before a lot of the NFL games started.  Yahoo! Fantasy Football users were angry and complained on social media.  Yahoo! Fantasy Football even became a hot Google search trend during the day yesterday.  Yahoo! has fixed the issue and sent out the following e-mail:

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Yahoo! Acquires Citizen Sports

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has acquired sports startup company Citizen Sports.  Citizen Sports will complement Yahoo! Sports especially during March Madness.  Citizen Sports owns several iPhone applications and Facebook applications.  The deal is rumored to be about $40-$50 million according to [AllThingsD]