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Ziff Davis Acquires NetShelter

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Ziff Davis
has acquired NetShelter, a community of publishers that focuses on consumer electronics, mobile devices, and computing technologies. Ziff Davis bought NetShelter from inPowered.  Ziff Davis is a subsidiary of j2 Global Inc.  NetShelter joins Ziff Davis’ other properties that includes PCMag.com and Toolbox.com.

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IGN To Shut Down 1UP, UGO, and GameSpy

Earlier this month Ziff Davis acquired IGN from News Corporation.  Now Ziff Davis will be laying off many of the employees at IGN and will be shutting down several of the video game related websites that was purchased following the transaction.  1UP, UGO, and GameSpy will be shutting down according to Polygon.  Some of the employees at those 3 websites will be moved to other projects.  Ziff Davis CEO Vivek Shah said “It’s also important for you to know that we are absolutely confident that we now have the best structure and team to successfully move the company forward and that there are no further planned reductions.”  IGN will be shutting down those websites soon.

Ziff Davis Acquires IGN From News Corporation

IGN is an online entertainment company that focuses on video games, films, music, and other media content.  Since IGN’s parent company News Corporation is reorganizing their business, they sold the company to Ziff Davis‘ parent company j2 Global.

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j2 Global Acquires Ziff Davis For $167 Million

j2 Global has acquired Ziff Davis for $167 million in cash.  Ziff Davis is a technology magazine publisher company that went into bankruptcy in 2008.  Ziff Davis now runs websites like Geek.com, PCMag.com, ExtremeTech, Toolbox.com, etc.  J2 acquired the company from Great Hill Partners in Boston.  ZD will add around $60 million to j2’s 2013 revenue.  j2’s 2012 revenue will now be exceeding $365 million.

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Ziff Davis Acquires Deals Website LogicBuy.com

Technology publication Ziff Davis is indicating that they have an interest in getting into the coupon market with its latest acquisition. Ziff has acquired an electronics coupon website called LogicBuy.com. Ziff property PCMag.com will now display deals and online coupons side-by-side with the articles that they write. [paidContent]

PCMag Parent Ziff Davis Gets Acquired By Great Hill Partners and Vivek Shah

Vivek Shah and Great Hill Partners has partnered to buy out Ziff Davis Media, the parent company of tech publication PCMag.com.  The reason why Ziff Davis sold was because the company is riddled with debt.
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Ziff Davis Blames Rough Economy For Canceling DigitalLife Expo

The folks at Ziff Davis recently announced the cancellation of their 2008 DigitalLife Expo. They blame a slow economy for the cancellation. DigitalLife Expo is Ziff’s version of CES. Unlike CES, DigitalLife Expo is open to the general public.

The slow economy excuse is most likely bs. DigitalLife lost its mojo last year when it recieved slow news coverage and bad reviews. According to many bloggers, last year’s expo lacked innovation. Besides a few iRobot product launches, there was nothing new to see at the show.

Another problem with last year’s Expo was lack of focus. The show floor included a mixed bag of consumer electronics, web 2.0 startups, gaming companies, and mobile technologies.

Ziff Davis was probably unable to find innovative product launch partners for this year’s expo. The company is smart enough to know that repeating last year’s yawnfest is a bad idea.

Along with the expo issues, Ziff Davis is dealing with a few internal problems of its own. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection a few months ago. Its magazine subscription sales are declining and its advertising revenue is falling flat.

Hopefully the show will return next year under better conditions.