Rick Champagne Buys The 1960s Batmobile For $4.6 Million At An Auction

Posted Jan 21, 2013

The 1960s Batmobile has been sold for $4.6 million at a collector car auction on Saturday.  The car was previously owned by the car customizer George Barris.  The Batmobile was sold at collector car auction company Barrett Jackson’s annual auction near their Scottsdale, Arizonia headquarters.  The final price includes a 10% sales commission for the sellers.  Many imitation Batmobiles were built in the last several years and many of them are hard to distinguish with the original.  Rick Champagne, the owner of a logistics company in Tempe, Arizona was happy to buy the car.  He identified himself as the buyer when interviewed with Speed TV after the sale.  The car will be put in his living room.

“The energy in that room was just electric. We haven’t experienced anything like that since the Futurliner,” stated Jackson.  He was referring to the General Motors Futurliner concept bus at a 2006 auction that sold for $4 million.  He said that the bidders for the Batmobile were so tightly packed that sometimes it was hard to tell who was bidding.

George Barris is also known for creating the Munster Koach and Beverly Hillbillies car.  He created the Batmobile in 1966.  In the Batman TV show featuring the original Batmobile, it can be seen squirting oil, releasing tire slashers, and shooting flames.  The actual vehicle cannot do any of those tricks.  Barris received large offers for the Batmobile in the past, but he never considered selling before.  He decided to sell it now because he believed it should be someplace where more people could enjoy it.

[Source: CNN]