Marc Horowitz and Peter Baldes Go On Virtual Road Trip Using Google Street View [Video]

Posted Dec 6, 2009

Marc Horowitz and Peter Baldes went on a Google Maps Road Trip. This was the first cross country virtual road trip which took about 9 days. Marc and Peter explored the country using Google Street View and they used the arrows to drive across the country without actually physically driving a car. Marc has done many social experiments in the past.

The trip started in Los Angeles and the final destination was Peter’s actual house in Richmond, Virginia. The whole trip was broadcast on UStream. Pete was on his iPhone and used all of his 4,000 rollover minutes. The trip was made as realistic as possible. For example if the pair arrived at a landmark, they would pull up a YouTube video about it.

When they would stop at a restaurant on the virtual map, they would actually run out to a local fast food place and grab actual food and bring up the background of the restaurant and talk. When they would stop to sleep, the pair would call up a hotel. Since the whole broadcast was live on UStream, there was a chat room where people would enter and give some suggestions of places to go. Essentially the pair picked up about 150 “virtual hitchhikers.” A lot of people spent the whole trip with them in the chat room.