Google and Samsung’s $249 Chromebook Now Available For Sale

Posted Oct 22, 2012

A few days ago Google and Samsung announced a new Chromebook laptop.  The lightweight Chromebook was unveiled on Thursday and will be selling for $249 and will run on the Google Chrome operating system.

The Samsung Chromebook does not have a hard drive and is entirely dependent on an Internet connection for information and applications stored in large data centers.  This is the lease expensive Chromebook that Google released in two years.  Google and Samsung released a Chromebook priced at $449 in the late spring.

The $249 Samsung Chromebook will go on sale in over 500 Best Buy stores in the U.S.  “This is a big step in the journey for us,” stated Google SVP of Chrome and apps Sundar Pichai. “I think it’s generally an exciting time in the computing industry.”  The Chromebook uses ARM instead of an Intel microprocessor.

Below are some of the specs of the $249 Samsung Chromebook:

  • Weighing just under 2.5lbs and less than 0.8 inches thick
  • Fast Boot Technology allows you to boot in less than 10 seconds
  • Automatic Updates and Built-in Security
  • Dual Core Processor for faster web browsing